the AU interview: Felicity Groom (Perth) talks changing processes, new technology, and collaboration

the AU review sits down with Felicity Groom to talk about being in the studio, digital music technologies, and collaborating with other musicians. Working on new material, Felicity talks about the changing process from road testing songs to sitting in a studio. She says that this way, she is “not spending hours with a person developing something then going ‘nah that doesn't work’…” but instead saves time while having more control over the songs.

Stumbled Upon #043 - Glacier (Brisbane)

In our 43rd installment of "Stumbled Upon", we meet Brisbane's latest electronic offering Glacier, and chat about their latest single, ‘Suspend’, released today!

the AU interview: David Morgan of BONJAH (New Zealand) talks Surfers Paradise LIVE, bands he loves and more

Melbourne-based New Zealanders BONJAH are set to bring their blues infused rock ‘n’ roll sound to the stage at Surfers Paradise LIVE in just a week's time. From Friday 8th to Sunday 10th May, the Gold Coast will be buzzing with free shows from some incredibly talented Australian and international musicians. BONJAH’s bass player David Morgan chatted with the AU review about their upcoming performance and their music, as well as other exciting bands and artists attending the event.

the AU interview: Ilan Rubin of The New Regime (USA) chats about "Exhibit B", his role as a vocalist and more

Multi-instrumentalist, Ilan Rubin is a hardworking individual and there’s no doubt that he's accomplished many things alongside his music career. Working with bands such as Nine Inch Nails, Paramore and Angels and Airwaves has given him plenty of opportunities to learn the ropes of creating and writing his own music. With his solo music project being under the name of The New Regime, we talk to him about his latest release of Exhibit B, the inspirations behind the record and the story of how he realised the importance of being a vocalist and being able to write his own lyrics.

the AU interview: Chris Cox of Hound (Brisbane) talks about new LP, sound influences and music journey

With an 80s post-punk influence and other sub-genres, Hound brings to mind the likes of bands such as The Cure and Sonic Youth. It's been a whirlwind for the Brisbane-based band with the recent release of their debut album, Dying In The Sun and also having done a couple of shows around Australia last month. Through it all, it's been a constant balancing act for the band, juggling adult responsibilities while also keeping and maintaining their passion for music. Frontman and guitarist, Chris Cox took the time to talk to us about the new album, how the band shaped their sound and what he has learnt so far that has kept him and his band mates in the game.

the AU interview: Michael Soltys of The Colour Code (Melbourne) talks band's history, upcoming EP and more

From Melbourne, Australia, pop-rock legends of The Colour Code have many sound influences that can be heard through their music. To sound different, especially in the local market is tough but when you take a listen to tracks such as "Alibi" and "It's Up To Me", there's no denying that this band has clear-cut chemistry. In this interview, vocalist of the band Michael Soltys tells all... From the band's history, to his work with Tom Larkin, as well as how he maintains his all-consuming passion for music...

the AU interview: Ally Campbell-Smith of Darts (Melbourne) talks about their new album, touring with Alpine and more

Melbourne five-piece Darts, comprised of Ally Campbell-Smith, Paige X. Cho, Jessie Fernandez and brothers Angus and Andrew Ayres, are ready to make waves in the Australian music scene this year with the release of their debut album Below Empty & Westward Bound on May 15. Ally spoke with us about their new music, touring with Alpine and their writing process.

the AU interview: Forest Falls (Melbourne) talk “Hounds” single, musical influences and performing on a moving tram

Six-piece indie folk band Forest Falls is definitely one to watch. About to release an EP and play a number of east coast tour dates, they discuss their sound and influences with the AU review, and also delve into performing for a Tram Sessions video and the concept behind their single “Hounds”. Click through for the full interview...

the AU interview: Nantes (Sydney) talk "Limbo" EP, touring and keeping things simple

the AU review had a chat with Sydney band Nantes about their new EP, Limbo, released earlier this year. “This one’s a little more aligned to what we’ve been trying to do with this band.” they said. The EP has been taken in a different direction sonically, but they note that fans enjoy the sound and it has been a good reception. After a year of not knowing what to do with the band, Nantes mention that “this record came as a bit of a surprise. We didn't really intend on making music at all”.

the AU interview: Felicity Groom (Perth) talks touring and 'Oh Jesus' single

the AU review talks to Felicity Groom about touring and new single 'Oh Jesus'. Felicity speaks about her show in Sydney and what's to be expected, saying that the live set is "pretty dynamic... more beats driven and more synth based,” and that there are “still kind of rhythmic and quiet, quiet loud moments”. Felicity also talks about the new single, ‘Oh Jesus’, from the album Hungry Sky, which was released in September last year. She notes that the song was originally written for a play, and it was then brought to the band where they added their own musical lines to it.

the AU interview: Thomas Youngblood of Kamelot (Florida) on New Album "Haven" and Plans to Return to Australia

Twenty years since releasing their first record, symphonic metal icons Kamelot are back with Haven, their 11th studio album and second featuring Swedish frontman Tommy Karevik. Infused with post-apocalyptic sentiment and cinematic ambiance, Haven is classic Kamelot, showcasing powerful melodies and the haunting and beautiful lyrics the band are renowned for. Founder and guitarist Thomas Youngblood spoke to Maria Nayef about the inspiration behind Haven, how the band has changed since the addition of Karevik, and their plans to return to Australia.

the AU interview: Joy (Brisbane) talks touring, music videos, and triple j unearthed

the AU review sat down with JOY while she was in Sydney touring with Tkay Maidza. She talks about what she has in store for her shows. "I'm kinda working on a new set of stuff from the new EP which I haven't actually fully written yet, so I'll probably be playing that stuff". In addition, JOY says: "I'm trying to make my set a little more interesting, a little different to what I've been doing until now".

the AU interview: Ellis Ludwig-Leone of San Fermin (Brooklyn) talks about new LP, Nico Muhly and dream music collabs

Described as having a “Baroque Pop” sound, San Fermin are a band fueled by orchestral chemistry, approaching classical instruments with a modern-day edge. With the release of their sophomore album, Jackrabbit, we see a band that takes pride in their music. Alongside their SXSW shenanigans, this band are destined to have many opportunities coming their way... We speak to Ellis Ludwig-Leone who's behind the music composition, about how the band took shape, his inspirations and what he hopes to achieve in the near future. Perhaps one day we will see his band collaborate with one of the greatest hip-hop artists known to mankind.

AU Radio Podcast: Lia Mice (Australia via France) talks about her latest album "I Love You", living in Lyon and touring Asia

AU Radio is proud to present a new series of exclusive audio interviews that are streaming alongside the music on the station. The first addition to this brand new series, which you may have heard on the station already, is a special interview with Australian experimental pop artist Lia Mice - part of the iconic Rice is Nice label - who after spending years in Brooklyn, now finds herself living in Lyon, France.

Stumbled Upon #042 - NARLA (Sydney)

In our 42nd installment of "Stumbled Upon", we meet Sydney prog rockers NARLA, and chat about their self-titled EP, find out who inspired them, how they get the band together and much more!