Vanessa Hudgens

Film Review: Asking For It is a grindhouse-inspired revenge thriller that’s sure to generate uncomfortable conversations

March 4, 2022

When detailing delicate subject matter – in this case, sexual assault and the most toxic of masculinity – some films have the insight and intelligence to do so with a certain nuance.  Asking For It is not one of those films!  No, this is as subtle as a sledgehammer, ripping through its surfaces with a […]

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Film Review: Second Act (USA, 2018) is a likable piece of rom-com fluff, with an engaging Jennifer Lopez

December 10, 2018

Jennifer Lopez has a pretty spotty track record when it comes to her acting career. The last great film in the past 20 years is still Steven Soderbergh‘s crime flick Out of Sight. While she still has her charismatic and likable presence on-screen, unfortunately her choices of scripts have been quite sub-par. Apart from some […]

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New DC Comics comedy pilot Powerless set to star Vanessa Hudgens

February 23, 2016

As reported by Variety, DC Comics is working on a new comedy pilot for US network NBC called Powerless, with actress Vanessa Hudgens cast in the lead role. According to Elizabeth Wagmeister from Variety, Powerless is “based on characters from the DC universe… (and will be) a workplace comedy set at one of the worst insurance companies in America… The show is […]

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