Day: 5 June 2024

Korea’s “Eternal Nature” gallery comes to Las Vegas: A look inside America’s first ARTE MUSEUM

At the end of November last year, Korea’s large scale digital art gallery – ARTE MUSEUM – opened their first (and still only) location in North America, on the Las Vegas Strip. It’s part of a burgeoning trend of immersive experiences in the city, and sits amongst seven locations for the gallery around the world….

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Film Review: I Used To Be Funny offsets its humorously-adjacent title with a dark, heartbreaking temperament.

After showcasing her stellar comedic delivery across 2022’s Bodies Bodies Bodies and last year’s Bottoms, Rachel Sennott continues her dominance as one of the industry’s most exciting talents with a more dramatic flex in Ally Pankiw‘s I Used To Be Funny, which offsets its lead’s comedic capabilities and humorously-adjacent title with a dark, heartbreaking temperament….

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Sabrina Carpenter announces release of new album Short n’ Sweet

Riding high off the success of single “Espresso’”(which, among other things, has at least corrected people who referred to the beverage as an “Expresso”) Sabrina Carpenter has announced the release of her new LP, Short n’ Sweet, with an August 23rd street date. The pint-sized popstar has put all her nights of working late (‘Cause…

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Film Review: Bad Boys: Ride or Die honours series nostalgia as much as it creatively projects forward

Whilst this is a franchise that has indulged in its fair share of overtly-violent set-pieces for close to three decades now, there’s something to be said for the fact that Bad Boys: Ride or Die – the fourth in this surprisingly resilient series – is determined to keep the action on hand ageing gracefully. Yes,…

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The Ministry of Time

Book Review: Kaliane Bradley’s blockbuster debut The Ministry of Time is a charming mix of quirky and critical

Some books really pack a punch, stuffing so much into their pages that it’s difficult to know where to start in a review. Kaliane Bradley‘s The Ministry of Time is one such book. The endorsements plastered across the cover and inside pages describe it as everything from clever, witty, charming and wonderful, to brilliant, thrilling,…

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