New DC Comics comedy pilot Powerless set to star Vanessa Hudgens

February 23, 2016

As reported by Variety, DC Comics is working on a new comedy pilot for US network NBC called Powerless, with actress Vanessa Hudgens cast in the lead role. According to Elizabeth Wagmeister from Variety, Powerless is “based on characters from the DC universe… (and will be) a workplace comedy set at one of the worst insurance companies in America… The show is […]

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NBC release first trailer for Heroes: Reborn, and it features some familiar faces

June 25, 2015

The first season of Heroes is undeniable. It was a huge hit for NBC back when well-produced superhero TV franchises weren’t really as common as they are today. Somewhere along the line, quality waned and the once iconic show was drowned by it’s own ambitions somewhere between Mohinder’s skin peeling off and the show’s very […]

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Heroes: Reborn teased during the Superbowl in the USA

February 3, 2015

Superbowl fever was at an all-time high yesterday for America (and parts of the world) and of course, it’s an event that also provides high-end entertainment for its people by way of its often hilarious commercials. Then there are the film and TV trailers… Out of this year’s batch, there’s exciting news for fans of […]

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