Win a TCL 20L+ smartphone worth $399

June 28, 2021

TCL have completed their high-value mid-range line with the recent released of the TCL 20+ smartphone. Given TCL Electronics make some of the best TVs on the market, not only does phone have a large 6.67″ HD+ screen that’s clear and crisp, but also sports a range of features making it an incredibly slick Android […]

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Nokia 5.4 Review: Keeping it simple might just be the point

May 10, 2021

As budget phones begin to adopt more attractive value propositions, Nokia are in a nice position to maintain its reliable reputation, but are they doing enough with the Nokia 5.4? Though Apple is now playing heavily in the mid-range, and wallet-friendly Android options are solid from the likes of Samsung, Google, and Oppo, Nokia still […]

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Oppo announces Find X3 Pro, Neo & Lite: Australian pricing and availability

March 12, 2021

Oppo, which has just overtaken Huawei as China’s number one smartphone brand, is looking to keep their recent score of wins rolling with their new flagship Find X3 series. Much like the X2 series before it, the forthcoming release will be split into Lite 5G, Neo 5G and Pro 5G models – Pro obviously sitting […]

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Win a TCL 10 Pro smartphone worth $749

February 24, 2021

In the market for a premium mid-range smartphone? The latest flagship offering from TCL Electronics (yes, the ones that make those consistently impressive super premium televisions) is the TCL 10 Pro and we’ve got one to give away to one lucky reader. Retailing for $749, the TCL 10 Pro provides an immersive experience to users […]

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Oppo Reno4 5G Review: Smart compromises make this mid-ranger a solid 5G option

January 11, 2021

After the masterstroke that was the Find X2 series, Oppo is in a very good spot within the smartphone market. Chinese peer Huawei is still battling away with its advanced hardware but Google shut-out, which definitely helps, plus the brand has now expanded their ecosystem in Australia, which includes Oppo Watch and Oppo Enco Earphones. […]

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Huawei P40 Pro+ Review: turning tragedy to triumph comes at a price

August 31, 2020

With Huawei’s P30 series representing a significant leap forward for smartphones in general, besting competition with pure muscle and a superlative camera system, the P40 series was set to be a big statement from the Chinese tech giants. Politics came into play though, resulting no Google Mobile Services (importantly, no Google Store or associated apps) […]

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Oppo Find X2 Lite Review: Certainly no lightweight in the mid-tier

August 27, 2020

In my review of the Find X2 Pro from Oppo, I was confident in writing that Oppo has presented what is one of the best Android phones to date. It is, and months later I’m still finding new things to love about the high-end flagship. With the Lite version, Oppo has cut down the price […]

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Win the new moto g8 power lite smartphone from Motorola

August 18, 2020

With its latest release of smartphones into the Australia market, Motorola has arrived at a very attractive entry-level option with the moto g8 power lite. Featuring a new and improved modern design, the smartphone offers a lot for its generous price of A$249. The moto g8 power lite offers impressive battery performance, without compromising other […]

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Huawei’s powerhouse P40 Pro+ to launch in Australia this week for $2099

August 6, 2020

Although we are a couple months on from Huawei debuting their P40 series in Australia, with the P40 and P40 Pro, locals have been patiently waiting for the apex model: P40 Pro+. As the most expensive, and impressively specced, smartphone Huawei has ever made, the Pro+ will officially begin retailing in Australia from Friday 7th […]

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The $999 motorola edge officially launches in Australia this week

August 5, 2020

The 5G-ready motorola edge has now launched in Australia, promising a flagship-standard experience with one of the largest batteries in its class. Although surprisingly, Motorola has only bought the standard edge to Australia, meaning that the country – as it stands – misses out on the higher-specced ‘+’ variant. Australians who want to get their […]

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Everything you need to know about the Google Pixel 4a

August 4, 2020

Google has finally lifted the lid on the heavily anticipated mid-tier Google Pixel 4a, sticking closely to the “a” philosophy by slimming the more expensive Pixel 4 down to a more affordable price point. It comes off the success of last year’s Pixel 3a (and its XL variant), which is still widely considered one of […]

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ASUS is bringing its ridiculously powerful ROG Phone 3 to Australia

July 28, 2020

If your current Android phone isn’t powerful enough for you, the latest from Asus is going to delight. By the end of August, Asus will have brought its new ROG Phone 3 to Australia, blasting away all over Android phones with sheer power, if this eye watering spec sheet is anything to go by. Obviously […]

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Oppo Find X2 Pro Review: Is this the best Android phone yet?

July 9, 2020

Oppo has been showing force this year. First, they reiterated their high-value approach to the budget and mid-market sectors with the likes of wallet-friendly A52. Now they’ve bought that sense of value to the highest tier of smartphones, with the hugely anticipated 5G-ready Find X2 Series, the top of which is the Find X2 Pro, […]

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LG’s mid-range K Series smartphones are coming to Australia

June 10, 2020

Less expensive smartphones are getting better. That’s been the sentiment for the past few years now, with more of the big brands realising that mass market phones should be focusing on offering as much value as they can. We’ve seen it recently with Oppo’s recent string of A series phones, and we should be seeing […]

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Oppo A52 Review: Very few flaws for this high-value budget phone

June 9, 2020

The grace feature of the Oppo A52 2020 is its A$299 price tag. That should already be an attractive proposition without even looking at the spec sheet, given the company’s reputation for efficiency when it comes to the more wallet-friendly ranges. Seeing as they’ve been dominant in this market so far, it’s not much of […]

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Google Pixel 4 XL Review: A lot of promise, a lot of problems

December 21, 2019

Where smartphone photography is still bread and butter for all companies now, Google have admirably sought to refine what it means to own a smartphone in 2019. They’ve looked at the entire experience with the Google Pixel 4, which has given us some pretty cool features that should hold great influence over smartphones in 2020. […]

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Google Pixel 3a XL Review: If you want incredible value, here it is

October 10, 2019

Now that the Google Pixel 3 and its XL version have shown what the company is capable of when it comes to premium features and computational photography, the streamlined Google Pixel 3a (and 3a XL) test the team’s ability to balance a much lower price bracket with similar power, taking them into uncharted non-premium territory. […]

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Here’s what to expect from the new Google Pixel 3a series

May 10, 2019

Now that Google have seen their high-end Pixel 3 (and its XL iteration) become one of the front-running smartphones of the past 12 months, the company have released their mid-range expression: the Google Pixel 3a. The “a” series, which also has an XL version, aims for a similar experience to one of the best smartphones […]

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The Moto G7 and G7 Plus are the best budget phones on the market

April 26, 2019

Sometime in the last five years, the Big Dogs of the phone industry decided that it should be normal, good and acceptable to pay upwards of $1000 for a phone. We’ve somehow gone back to the ridiculous phone prices of the late 90s when mobiles were an emerging technology. Once a king of the mobile […]

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Hands-On with Huawei P30: Everything You Need to Know

March 26, 2019

Leaks aside, the official word is now out and spreading like wildfire. Announced just moments ago from Paris, Chinese tech giant Huawei will be releasing their follow-up flagship smartphones to last year’s remarkably successful P20 and P20 Pro with, you guessed it, the P30 and P30 Pro. The company’s incredible growth in recent years (up […]

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Review: Photographing a weekend away with the new Huawei P10 Plus’s dual 20MP/12MP f/1.8 Leica cameras

June 22, 2017

You soon realise this is not a camera that sits in a shadow of its smartphone body, but instead a refreshing and impressive collaboration with Leica to form the hero of the Huawei P10 Plus. Thanks to the dual cameras on the back (20 megapixel black and white lens and a 12 megapixel color Leica […]

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Tech Review: HTC 10 – HTC emerge as a true competitor with their latest flagship

June 5, 2016

HTC haven’t exactly been leading the race when it comes to the ongoing battle of smartphone supremacy, attracting both considerable praise and criticism with their previous releases. Their 2016 flagship is here to focus on the former, highlighting the progression at HTC headquarters which has been informed by a closer relationship with customer feedback and […]

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Here’s everything you need to know about the HTC 10

April 12, 2016

HTC have finally lifted the veil on their latest smartphone, the simply titled HTC 10, with the hopes that the company can make a strong comeback among solid competition from the likes of Samsung and Apple. Announced today at an event simulcast around the world, the HTC 10 looks to be a necessary step in […]

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