Budget Phones

Nokia 5.4 Review: Keeping it simple might just be the point

As budget phones begin to adopt more attractive value propositions, Nokia are in a nice position to maintain its reliable reputation, but are they doing enough with the Nokia 5.4? Though Apple is now playing heavily in the mid-range, and wallet-friendly Android options are solid from the likes of Samsung, Google, and Oppo, Nokia still…

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Realme C3 Review: When good looks can’t save you

For a budget smartphone, Realme’s C3 sure looks tempting. It’s Blazing Red colourway is a reliable head-turner with its richly textured ribbed finish and ability to shrug of fingerprints like a pro. It’s also large enough to at least pretend to be a top-tier phone. But for all it’s good looks, book-cover applies here, and…

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Oppo A52 Review: Very few flaws for this high-value budget phone

The grace feature of the Oppo A52 2020 is its A$299 price tag. That should already be an attractive proposition without even looking at the spec sheet, given the company’s reputation for efficiency when it comes to the more wallet-friendly ranges. Seeing as they’ve been dominant in this market so far, it’s not much of…

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