scott evans

Film Review: Barbie is a pitch-perfect, intelligent comedy that soars beyond its high concept

July 19, 2023

Undoubtedly 2023’s most anticipated – and most aggressively marketed – filmic event, Barbie has finally arrived in cinemas for the masses to ingest in droves. It’s understandable though that some audiences still are unsure as to how it’ll taste as a whole, as despite its candy-coated aesthetic, pitch-perfect casting, and amusing, if ambiguous trailers, there’s still a […]

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Film Review: Almost Love (aka Sell By) overcomes genre unoriginality with a strong ensemble and an honest voice

April 3, 2020

Best not to be fooled by Almost Love‘s incredibly generic title (its alternative UK/international moniker Sell By isn’t much better either) as Mike Doyle‘s interconnected relationship drama plays stronger than it deserves to, thanks in large part to an ensemble cast that are allowed to play to and with their own respective strengths. Set in […]

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