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Film Review: American Murderer is an engaging true crime thriller bolstered by the disarming performance of Tom Pelphrey

February 28, 2023

It’s alarming to think that the name Jason Derek Brown is one that had been on the FBI’s top 10 most wanted list for 15 years; only this past September was his name removed, though he remains a wanted criminal. I say alarming as it’s not a name it seems people are overly familiar with, […]

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Abigail Breslin’s tender performance amplifies the important voice of Miranda’s Victim: SBIFF Review

February 11, 2023

Boasting a truly spectacular ensemble cast and detailing both the American legal system and the “blind eye” mentality that often accompanies accusations of sexual assault, Miranda’s Victim is an occasionally shaky, but always captivating true story drama. Despite its 1960’s setting, Michelle Danner‘s film feels all too relevant in this current climate; no doubt in […]

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Interview: Kat Graham on her intense role in ensemble thriller Collide; “It is therapeutic to see a character fight back”

August 11, 2022

Chronicling three couples over the course of one fateful night in an LA restaurant, Collide is a gripping new thriller from writer/director Mukunda Michael Dewil. Ahead of the film’s On Demand release in the United States, Peter Gray spoke with one of the film’s stars, actress and singer Kat Graham, about her intense turn as […]

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Film Review: Brothers By Blood is an all-too ordinary mob story that seems unfortunately content with coaxing by on familiarity

January 24, 2021

Despite a talented cast that consists of such reliable names as Matthias Schoenaerts, Joel Kinnaman, Ryan Phillippe, and Maika Monroe, Brothers By Blood (originally known as The Sounds of Philadelphia) is an all-too ordinary mob story that seems unfortunately content with coaxing by on familiarity. Masculinity, faith, loyalty, redemption, brotherhood, a criminal underworld…it’s stock standard […]

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