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Jane Eyre

Theatre Review: A re-imagining of Jane Eyre that will leave you in the dark

There would be few people who are not familiar with Charlotte Brontë’s classic story of Jane Eyre. Even if you have not read the original novel, there are numerous film adaptations and stage productions that have re-imagined this haunting and Gothic tale. I was interested to see what this latest offering from director Michael Futcher…

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Kaz Therese’s Sleeplessness is raw, engaging and unmissable

On Monday 16 November 2009, the Australian Parliament formally acknowledged and apologised for the harsh treatment and ongoing trauma of Forgotten Australians and former child migrants. There are an estimated 500,000 children who experienced care in institutions in Australia throughout the 20th century – Kaz Therese’s grandmother and mother were two of them. Incorporating video,…

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Theatre Review: The Wharf Revue’s Deja Revue celebrates politics repeating with some all-singing & all-dancing comic revelry

The Wharf Revue have been proudly entertaining audiences by skewering politicians since 2000. This year’s instalment was the troupe’s first without co-founder and musical director, Phil Scott, but the show remained strong and funny. The opening night at Parramatta’s Riverside Theatre was a rollicking one with a vaudeville feel that hit some really high notes….

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Parramatta Riverside Theatres announce 2017 program

20 diverse productions make up Parramatta’s Riverside Theatres‘ 2017 program, featuring resident company National Theatre of Parramatta, as well as major companies from across Australia and international touring productions. “Every great city has a great theatre,” said Riverside Theatres Program Manager Michelle Kotevski. “As Parramatta grows to take its place as a global city, Riverside…

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