Pentiment Review: An Incredible, Informative Detective Thriller

At first glance, Pentiment felt like a game I wouldn’t necessarily be interested in. I’m not big on medieval Eurpoean history, nor am I invested in the text-based gameplay that Pentiment¬†thrives on. That being said, I’m glad I came across it. Pentiment is without a doubt the biggest surprise of 2022 so far, but I…

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The AU Review’s Game of the Year 2018

Choosing your favourite game of the year is hard. We’ve done it every year since we founded The AU Review’s games section in 2014, and it never gets any easier. In 2018, we played so many incredible games that it became impossible to list and number every last one of them, so we opted not…

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Games Interview: Katrina Garsten talks Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire‘s release and sailing the seas of Eora

With Obsidian Entertainment‘s the upcoming sequel Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire approaching its May 8th release, we got to chat with Katrina Garsten on all the big changes that have been made since their original Pillars of Eternity title going into the second, the huge open world that we are able to sail into and…

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