Juicy Lucy

Fried chicken coated with BBQ Shapes is a thing in Australia now

September 18, 2018

BBQ Shapes (Original Recipe) flavoured Fried Chicken exists. If that surprises you then you obviously haven’t been keeping in touch with Australia’s over the top food trends lately. The newest slightly weird, absolutely delicious (probably) collaboration comes from Arnott’s Shapes, Deliveroo and three of the East Coast’s most beloved chicken joints. The ever-iconic staple snack […]

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Review: Juicy Lucy Diner – Surry Hills (Sydney)

December 4, 2016

When the team from Sugarcane opened their fiery red and orange homage to vintage tuck shops, Juicy Lucy, success seemed slow but steady. Word of mouth helped get the thing off the ground, seeing as it was on one of the more neglected strips of Surry Hills, but once it took off Juicy Lucy became […]

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Review: Juicy Lucy – Surry Hills (Sydney)

March 5, 2016

There has been an explosion of chicken in Sydney as of late; see newbies Butter and Thirsty Bird, established favourites like Chicken and Sons and The Chicken Institute, and now Juicy Lucy, the second venue from the crew behind highly reputable, Thai-inspired restaurant Sugarcane. Things are a bit different here though; rather than ride the […]

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Juicy Lucy is Surry Hills’ new South East Asian inspired fried chicken shop (Sydney)

February 24, 2016

Surry Hills has a new chicken-focused shop from the team behind South East Asian eatery Sugarcane. Named Juicy Lucy, the new chicken shop on Elizabeth Street is set to make a big impact on discerning fried chicken fanatics by taking the classic Aussie chicken shop and blending that with Sugarcane’s Asian influence. The owners, Milan […]

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