First Impressions

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Beta Impressions: A strong start

September 26, 2019

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare has sparked both anticipation and controversy since its reveal earlier this year. With multiplayer gameplay revealed for the first time last month, gamers are still left with one question; how does it feel in the hands? While the official release is still a while away, the beta has answered many […]

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Ghost Recon Breakpoint‘s closed beta offers great tactical combat, grim new tone

September 12, 2019

The Ghost Recon franchise returns yet again, giving gamers a tactical option in a world full of run-and-gun looter shooters. I must say that I rather enjoyed Ghost Recon Wildlands, boasting a large, if a little bland open world, and a truckload of content to complete. Gameplay was tight, responsive and ‘tactical’ in its nature. […]

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Tech Feature: An evening with Nikon’s New Z7 and Z6 mirrorless cameras and lenses

November 20, 2018

Nikon are currently mid-tour, travelling around the country for their Z Series roadshow showcasing the new Z7 and Z6 mirrorless cameras and lenses. I tagged along to the Gold Coast leg of the roadshow to meet the team, see these cameras in action and test them out for myself. You’d be hard-pressed to find a […]

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First Impressions: Netflix series Safe unveils hard truths behind a quaint, gated community

April 23, 2018

Set to hit Netflix soon is Safe – a drama television series set in a gated community where people are not as they seem. The series stars Michael C. Hall of Dexter fame as a father of two daughters, widowed after the passing of his wife from cancer. His character, Tom, juggles his profession as […]

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SXSW First Impressions: Hereditary (USA, 2018) is as close to evil as a horror movie has ever been

March 14, 2018

When light finally filled the theatre at Austin’s Alamo Drafthouse Cinema I could see that the older man sitting next to me was visibly shaken. In fact, I could see many people who looked like they were in desperate need of a good, long hug and maybe a bathtub full of bright yellow rubber ducks […]

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Let’s stream some 80’s nostalgia: Our first impressions of Netflix’s Stranger Things

July 22, 2016

As I delved deeper and deeper into the mysterious series Stranger Things, I started to worry it was going to lose a lot of its charm as the mystery wore off. Let me tell you, it does not. Gripping is a word I try not to use lightly, but that is just what this show is. […]

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Narcos: Our Impressions Of Netflix’s New Crime Drama

August 30, 2015

At first glance, a lot of the shows that Netflix picks up seem to be positioned to check boxes on their roster. “People like Game of Thrones, maybe they’ll go for Marco Polo?”, ”Superheroes are big on TV right now, how about Daredevil?” and so on. Following in that mould, Narcos seems like it’s supposed […]

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TV First Impressions: UnReal (USA, 2015)

July 12, 2015

A clever takedown of reality TV and how superficial both on-screen and off-screen they can, UnReal is the latest catch from subscription service Stan and it has been receiving rave reviews from left, right, and centre. The excellent Constance Zimmer plays Quinn King, the boss of a The Bachelor-esque show behind-the-scenes, relying heavily on her […]

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First Impressions: Five things we thought about the first episode of True Detective Season Two

June 23, 2015

We watched the first episode of the second season of True Detective yesterday, and here are five of our first impressions from the initial watching: 1. The opening credits are much more slick and smooth, as is the aesthetic in True Detective so far, comparatively speaking. There’s that harshness of Louisiana from season 1 that’s sorely […]

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