Michael C. Hall

Sundance Film Festival Review: John and the Hole is an ambiguous thriller that refuses to spoon-feed its audience

January 30, 2021

There’s a series of odd interludes dispersed throughout Pascual Sisto‘s unnerving thriller John and the Hole that suggest the story at hand has been passed down over time as something of a fable, one that impressionable young children may construe as a challenge on how they view their own relationship with their supposed elders.  It’s […]

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First Impressions: Netflix series Safe unveils hard truths behind a quaint, gated community

April 23, 2018

Set to hit Netflix soon is Safe – a drama television series set in a gated community where people are not as they seem. The series stars Michael C. Hall of Dexter fame as a father of two daughters, widowed after the passing of his wife from cancer. His character, Tom, juggles his profession as […]

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Film Review: Game Night (USA, 2018) is an unruly bout of fun

February 21, 2018

Whether it’s an old-fashioned detective story (Murder on the Orient Express), a children’s adventure (Young Sherlock Holmes), a romantic farce (Blind Detective) or a flat-out comedy (Clue), the murder mystery is the type of genre staple that can result in lots of fun, particularly if it involves audience participation. If 2018’s latest comedy Game Night can […]

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Dexter’s Michael C. Hall stands in for David Bowie to perform “Lazarus” on “Colbert”

December 18, 2015

Now this was a bit confusing; David Bowie has released a new song of his forthcoming ★ (pronounced “Blackstar”) album, and it’s the title track from his off-Broadway production “Lazarus”. It was performed live on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, but it wasn’t Bowie who was behind the microphone – of course – it […]

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