Talking all things fashion and music with Client Liaison

November 11, 2016

The Client Liaison boys Harvey and Monte are always ahead of the trends and are known for their on point #farshun choices. Honestly, how do we keep up? Thanks to a collaboration with Kirsty Barros, this luxury summer line brings us every bit of peach and lime goodness in stylish apparel and accessories. It’s hard to feel […]

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Barry Conrad catches us up on Grease and his upcoming year in theatre

November 10, 2016

Chats with Barry Conrad always consist of many belly laughs, lots of talk about food and somehow getting off the phone with an extra pep in your step. The guy has been hard at work yet again having just been announced to play Kenickie in Grease – The Arena Experience. We couldn’t be happier for Barry. […]

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Eurovision rakes in the ratings for SBS

May 27, 2015

Eurovision is over for another year, and Australia’s first attempt at Eurovision glory created a ratings boom for SBS, with the second semi-final breaking records as the most successful SBS Eurovision broadcast ever. Over one million Australians tuned in to see home-grown crooner Guy Sebastianbattle it out against Europe’s most talented, and weirdest, singing acts. […]

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SBS Announces Australia’s Eurovision Jury Members

May 5, 2015

Eurovision has long been a cultural institution in the music world, aired to much fanfare on SBS each year. With 2015 being the first year that Australia will officially compete in the competition (go Guy Sebastian!!), SBS are pleased to announce that the first Australian Eurovision Jury has been officially called to order. Although the […]

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