Talking all things fashion and music with Client Liaison

The Client Liaison boys Harvey and Monte are always ahead of the trends and are known for their on point #farshun choices. Honestly, how do we keep up? Thanks to a collaboration with Kirsty Barros, this luxury summer line brings us every bit of peach and lime goodness in stylish apparel and accessories. It’s hard to feel cool around these guys but it doesn’t really matter when they’re just bloody awesome.


The man of the moment is Donald Trump. What are your thoughts on the whole situation?

Harvey: We’ve been so busy setting up this store, running around like headless chooks that we haven’t really had time to think about it.
Monte: It is that kind of moment in history where you remember where you are, but who knows what’s gonna happen? It’s interesting.

What out of your fashion line would look amazing on Donald Trump?

Monte: I would go the budgie smugglers with a beach robe. One size fits all with that one so…


Entrepreneur is probably a title you can add you to your name now.

Harvey: Yeah we’re getting into the limousine business as you saw out the front our off-white limousine, and we’ve got the pop up store so yeah, we’re expanding operations.

What inspired this new venture?

Harvey: There was a need for a utility to deal with the Australian heat. We’re big beachgoers, we love the Australian weather and the relationship we have with the beach so we just wanted our fans to have the tools they needed to live out their summer.

Monte: It was also a long time in the making. We nearly had part of the capsule last summer but we held off so we could make it into a proper fashion line. It started off with a few items but then it just got bigger and bigger, and we couldn’t help ourselves. A lot of it came down to our stylist Kirsty Barros who designed it; she was amazing. When we met her she started helping us out with our outfits and then we said we need to make our own things.


What happens if one day you wake up and you completely decide to change your style? Or Monte you decide to cut your hair? What happens then?

Harvey: If Monte cut his hair we’d tie it in with some sort of charity, set a target at $3 million and once reached, we’d cut it. It’s like waking up and thinking you’re a different person though, I don’t think it’ll happen.

Monte: We’re into groovy music, fun things, theatre – I don’t think we could ever lose that spirit. I couldn’t imagine us walking around with shaved heads, that’s just not fun, but our style is open. We’re not dictated by peach or mint, although we do like those colours.

You released your album last week, Dimplomatic Immunity. Congratulations. We’ve listed to it, we like it a lot, we want to see it live. When is this going to happen?

Monte: We’ve got some festivals over summer where we’re going to test some things out, and early next year we’re going to have a proper tour. We want to make it really theatrical. We’re doing theatres in the major cities and we want this sense of narrative throughout the show.

Harvey: It’s a Rock Eisteddfod vibe that we’re going for.

We love that you have Tina Arena on ‘A Foreign Affair’. Genius. We love that song and we don’t know why we’re so surprised but her vocals match it, match your sound and suit the quality so much. How on Earth did this collaboration happen?

Harvey: The song was initially written as a tribute to her. In the pre-chorus there was a lyric referencing her song ‘Sorrento Moon (I Remember)’ and then we asked our manager if we could get her on the collab cause Monte realised the chorus was a bit out of his register.

Can we expect an appearance by her on the tour or potential festival performances?

Monte: It’s not our place to say but we’d love it. She does spend a lot of time in France though and she’s pretty busy, and a lot bigger than us. If she did though it’d be a really nice occasion.


Australia is back in Eurovision for 2017. Who would you like to represent us?

Harvey: Our good friend Ponzu Island.

Monte: They finally gave some of the criteria for it cause I always thought we were applicable and we’d make it fun, celebrate Australia and it’d be something for everyone. But they wanted it to be multiracial and other things, and it just wasn’t us, so maybe we don’t fit the mould. We always say we’re too pop to be underground and too underground to be pop.

We’re coming up to the end of the year. Do you boys have any New Year’s resolutions?

Harvey: To expand out enterprise.

What other ventures can you see yourselves taking on?

Harvey: Maybe dental hygiene. Otherwise the caravan market; they’re gonna pick up.


Client Liaison’s pop up store is open right now in Melbourne and next week in Sydney. You can spend up big in person or right here.

Featured image by Ash Koek
Photo credit: Kate Ballis


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