Monte Morgan

Client Liaison

Interview: Client Liaison on “Intervention”, their upcoming album and the US election

Monte Morgan and Harvey Miller are on the forefront of intersecting fashion, experience and music; creating Client Liaison. Known for their well-woven and beloved references to 80s Australian culture both lyrically and aesthetically, the duo have shaped an immersive world for their listeners. From their touring music festival, Expo Liaison, to their highbrow merchandise that’s…

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Talking all things fashion and music with Client Liaison

The Client Liaison boys Harvey and Monte are always ahead of the trends and are known for their on point #farshun choices. Honestly, how do we keep up? Thanks to a collaboration with Kirsty Barros, this luxury summer line brings us every bit of peach and lime goodness in stylish apparel and accessories. It’s hard to feel…

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