Darlinghurst Theatre Company

We sit down with the cast of Darlinghurst Theatre Company’s Silent Night

October 30, 2017

Christmas is coming early to the Eternity Playhouse with Darlinghurst Theatre Company set to host the world premiere of Silent Night. In the directorial hands of Glynn Nicholas and featuring some of Australia’s best comedic actors, we figured the rehearsal process has been an absolute riot. We asked cast members Amanda Bishop, Aaron Glenane, Michael […]

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Theatre Review: Kindertransport moves its audience with honest and frank stories (Darlinghurst Theatre Company until 20th August)

August 3, 2017

Prior to the commencement of the Second World War, Britain took in over 10,000 Jewish refugee children from Europe. This was known as Kindertransport, with the majority of the children never seeing their families again. Diane Samuels play, Kindertransport, follows the story of Eva who is sent from Hamburg to England in 1938 when she […]

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Theatre Review: I Love You Now is a funny and complex portrait of love and infidelity – Eternity Playhouse in Sydney until 9th July

June 16, 2017

June is married to Leo, but she’s also having an affair with his twin brother Rob, and her personal trainer Hellmut. And a Catholic priest, John. Leo, meanwhile, is sleeping with Rob’s sister Michelle, his therapist Dr Shaw, as well as the family au pair Melissa. On top of all of this, June and Leo […]

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Theatre Review: Hysteria is a complex and surreal experience (Performances in Sydney until 30th April)

April 7, 2017

What happens when two masters of the unconscious meet at opposing ends of their careers? It’s an idea explored thoroughly by Hysteria, in which a near-death Sigmund Freud accepts a visit from a flashy young painter named Salvador Dali. In tribute to the genius of both men, Darlinghurst Theatre Company’s Hysteria is complex, thought-provoking and […]

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Darlinghurst Theatre Company and Belvoir achieve gender parity for 2017 season

September 27, 2016

Responding to Women in Theatre & Screen findings from last year, Darlinghurst Theatre Company and Belvoir are the only mainstage Sydney theatre companies to have at least 50% of their 2017 season helmed by female writers and directors. DTC also has the distinction of a female majority, with four out of their six productions written […]

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Theatre Review: Savages – Darlinghurst Theatre Company, Eternity Playhouse

April 12, 2016

The subject of masculinity and what it means to be a man in today’s Australia are skillfully explored in Darlinghurst Theatre Company’s production of Savages, written by Patricia Cornelius. Opening with a blast of light and sound, we meet four thirty-something Aussie men, about to embark on the ‘trip of a lifetime’ aboard a cruise […]

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Josef Ber questions his masculinity in Savages

April 11, 2016

In her play Savages, currently showing at the Eternity Playhouse in Darlinghurst, Patricia Cornelius brings us face to face with a segment of society that is all too familiar these days – the violent man. Inspired by the death of Diane Brimble aboard a cruise ship in 2002, Cornelius takes a look at what drives […]

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