Battlefield 2042

Battlefield 2042 Review: A Trip Into the Eye of the Storm

For a franchise centred around the conflict of war, covering several eras and stories, it’s clear that Battlefield 2042 had one target left in mind; itself. What follows is an incredibly frustrating blend of smooth action and refined gunplay, paired with numerous bugs and glitches, and the overall lack of depth within its mainline modes….

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Battlefield 2042 Open Beta Impressions: Order Through Chaos

Battlefield 2042 might just be enough to bring me back to Battlefield. In BF’s recent absence, Warzone and Modern Warfare¬†have drawn many competitive shooter fans over to the Call of Duty franchise in the past few years. myself included. But a recent hands-on with Battlefield 2042’s Open Beta reminded me exactly why I’ve missed the…

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E3 2021 livestream Australian times

Where to see every E3 2021 livestream in Australian times

Looking for where you can find every E3 2021 livestream in Australian times? Look no further, friend. Below, we’ve laid out all the biggest livestreams in one handy list, with individual Aus timezones and links so you can find them on the night.   So, when does E3 start exactly? Great question. Hard to answer….

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Battlefield 2042 reveal

E3 2021: Battlefield 2042 reveal depicts a new Cold War, robot dogs too

The Battlefield 2042 reveal is here at last. The game becomes the latest instalment in the long-running series of military shooters by Swedish developer DICE. The game, set in the near future, depicts a new cold war between the US and Russia. From details made available prior to the Battlefield 2042 reveal, the game boasts…

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