Songs + The Laurels + Danimals – Hopetoun Hotel (10.09.09)

Hopetoun Hotel once again showcases some of the city’s best talent.

Danimals, The Laurels and Songs are three of the hottest bands in Sydney right now, and they blew the roof off the venue, in front of an – as expected – sold out crowd.


The following The Laurels have, in particular, is quite astounding – the minute they started, the room filled up to the brim – many JUST there to see and support them!


And it was fantastic to see preceeding act, Danimals, get a good amount of support, too!

While we aren’t able to provide you with a full review of the concert, Amelia Schmidt from Throw Shapes has a gallery of the gig up on their website – check it out! And make sure you check out all these bands when you get a chance!

Photos by Guest Contributor Amelia Schmidt.
Header is of Songs, followed by The Laurels and Danimals.
Click here to view the full gallery at Throw Shapes.

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