Solsta shares his Top 5 Electronic acts in Australia


Perth artist Solsta recently dropped a killer dancefloor track, “Together”, featuring the sublime vocals of BEXX. “Together” follows on from his 2020 singles, “Everything”, “Falling” and “Want You”.

This is a seriously catchy tune. The vocals blend in perfectly with Solstas magic. It’s not just for the dancefloor. “Together” is just at home as a chill-out. It’s a formidable combination and shows us yet again what a creative outlet Perth is.

Solsta talks about how they collaborated on this one: “The track came together so smoothly. I instantly fell in love with the vocal effect BEXX put over the drop and her voice really complements the production. I’d have to say I’m really impressed and proud of how the vocals flow from the verse to build to chorus. The vocal swells and harmonies really work to drive the track forward and build this sense of momentum when paired with the various synths and other instruments I used. The track just constantly moves and pushes forward in such a gorgeous, lush way.”

He expands further on the beginnings of the track:  “Together was born from my first piece of analog gear, the moog grandmother. The day it arrived I plugged it in and just jammed, figuring out its nuances and imperfections. It was second hand so a couple of the knobs were a bit wonky and fucked up but this gave it a unique touch. I honestly wrote the skeleton of the song in about 2 hours and then just polished it off over a couple more days.”

We’re glad it worked out so well. It was recorded and mixed at Solsta’s home studio, and then mastered by Mike Bell.

It would seem that the strength of the electronic dance community has never been in better shape than the present. To celebrate the release of “Together”, Solsta has given us his top 5 electronic acts in Australia today.

Top 5 electronic acts in Australia according to Solsta

Golden Features

Golden features is the Oz house music juggernaut, and if you can’t tell from the direction the Solsta project is heading, it is a key inspiration for the music I make. He’s created this realm of deep house music that I don’t think anyones witnessed before. The way he melds analog gear into his production is just incredible to me. It’s so rough and gritty on the outside but smooth at its core.


I just can’t get over her voice. Kučka is definitely an artist I dream of working with. Not only does she have a captivating, experimental production style, her voice itself is so unique. She’s a Perth local too!

Set Mo

Set Mo are the Sunday session kings. Their music always carries this vibe that’ll make you move. Honestly, these lads could play any festival in Australia and make the whole crowd dance to that thumping bass that accompanies their feel-good melodies.


These boys are on the come up big time, every song they put out is just a tune. Honestly it’s almost like they’ve created a new genre of house music, Aussie house. Their tracks are just loose. I’ve never heard anything like these guys before and they’re definitely paving the way for the future of Australian house music.


I like to think of Panama as an emotional drug. His voice and production style invoke raw emotion. You can’t not listen and reflect to his gorgeous blend of live and electronic sounds. I’ve been hooked ever since hearing “Always” when I was 13. Probably the first time I hear a track and realized it could convey an emotion

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