Jack Bratt releases “Hand on Heart” and shares his musical influences

Jack Bratt

Singer/songwriter Jack Bratt is back with his first single since he released his gorgeous debut LP, Slow Release last year. “Hand on Heart” is an emotive gem that captures the pain and anguish of a relationship that has unexpectedly come to an end.

“I long to know what will come of this.
I’m unsteady.
Do I have the strength to conquer another day?”

Coming to terms with a future much different to what he was expecting, is a tale vividly told by Jack. “Hand on Heart” was recorded in Brisbane with his long-time collaborator, Joel Myles (Head Atlas) at Hunting Ground Studios.

About the track, Jack writes:

“I’d spent a year in a bit of a holding pattern trying to work out where my life was headed after such a huge change in trajectory. I thought the rest of my life was planned out and then it completely changed overnight. 

The lyrical content of the song is referencing a lot of doubt about whether or not I would be able to repair correctly after that relationship, and if I was ever going to allow myself to be vulnerable enough to put myself in the position again. I’d had several short-lived relationships afterwards and just found myself feeling a bit broken and unable to give the emotional depth to those relationships that I wanted to.”

Jack’s debut album was recorded after winning the prestigious Grant McLennan Fellowship in 2019, which allowed him to relocate to New York to further his musical career. He has since moved back to Brisbane, and is busy working on his second album, so we can expect to hear more from this talented artist later in 2023.


Jack has found inspiration from some of the great singer/songwriters from the ’70s through to the current day. I’ve got to say, I’m on board with everyone on his list. Read on!

Jack Bratt – Top 5 Songwriting Influences

Jeff Buckley

We didn’t have him for a very long time on this earth, but Jeff was one of the greatest artists we will ever know. His words and melodies continue to give me chills every time I listen to him after all these years. I went (somewhat foolishly) swimming where he drowned in the Wolf River when I was in Memphis last year, it felt like a somewhat tribute to him. I felt euphoric after that dip, and also felt like I was close to him in some way.

Joni Mitchell

I discovered Joni on a flight to LA from Australia years ago, and decided to see what all the hype was about and put on Blue for the first time, which was then on repeat for the 13-hour flight. I thought it was so hilarious that she only started playing music to make money to back her passion for painting, and smoking. She’s just a genius, her voice is so unique, and her story telling is some of the best I’ve ever heard. Lots of heartache and loss, longing, travel, activism. I truly believe it when Joni sings about it.

Glen Richards (Augie March)


Glen is my favorite song writer of all time. I feel like most people only know them from their number 1 Hottest 100 win with ‘One Crowded Hour’, but their catalogue is extensive and more brilliant than I could have ever imagined. He is really the Australian equivalent to Bob Dylan. He’s the greatest lyricist I have ever heard, My mind boggles at his genius with words. I especially love his deep insight into the past of Australian Culture, stories of tragedy and hardship, as well as his own life’s experience. I would love to sit down with him one day and pick his brain about how he is able to craft songs in the way he days, a true master.

Ainslie Wills

Ainslie has been around for a while, but I feel like she hasn’t gotten the true recognition her brilliance deserves. Her voice is sublime, and her lyrics are so wonderfully crafted, I’m truly in awe of her.


Clews are a sister duo from Sydney, with 90’s rock influences with added joint harmonies throughout. They remind me of a very Woodface-era Crowded House. I’m so excited every time they drop a new song as it’s more amazing than the last. Their lyrics and harmonies are outstanding, and I love the chemistry they have singing together, very moving and powerful stuff.

Justin Stewart Cotta

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