Harrison Storm shares his tour must haves for touring Australia in a van

Melbourne-based singer-songwriter Harrison Storm has just wrapped up his Regional Australian tour. In his newly kitted out van, he visited stages in Ipswich, Gold Coast, Maroochydore, Byron Bay, Bellingen, Taree, Blue Mountains, Wollongong, Wagga Wagga, and Canberra. 

This was his very first opportunity to share the new music from his upcoming album with his Australian fans in a live setting, featuring his recent singles “This Love” and “Warm A Cold Heart”, after a series of headline shows and support dates with the Roo Panes across the EU/UK. 

Harrison Storm has found solace in music from a young age, drawn to artists like City and Colour, Angus Stone and Jeff Buckley for comfort within a toxic masculinity culture. This has inspired his music career, marked by self-funded beginnings and later, collaborations, resulting in several EPs and a record deal with Nettwerk.

It is clear that Harrison has been keeping busy, as just prior to his Australian tour, he released his charming track “In Good Time”. Serving as a teaser for his upcoming debut album, the song poignantly reflects on the person he was prior to his breakthrough single “Sense of Home”, almost a decade ago. Throughout the song’s production, Harrison found himself revisiting earlier demos of “Sense of Home,” rekindling his bond with songwriting and reviving the initial drive that started his songwriting journey. Reflecting on this experience, Harrison says:

“It was this intense feeling of acknowledging the time that had passed since I first wrote that song and now. The immense changes I’ve gone through and how different life is. The difference in the person I was then and the person I am today. Yet I’m still here writing songs, the thing I dreamt I’d be able to do with my days.

“So ‘In Good Time’ is almost a reply to ‘Sense Of Home’, a reflection on the passing of time. It’s me talking to the person I was when I wrote ‘Sense of Home’ all those years ago.”

In celebration of new single “In Good Time” and to wrap up the tour, Harrison has put together his list of Must Haves for touring Australia in a van. 

1. Caffeine!

This is my first van tour where I’m driving 100% of the time.

Australia = a big country which also = lots of driving.

I don’t drink coffee so I gulp down on green tea to keep me alert on those long freeway drives.


2. Kettle Bell + Yoga Mat

I have a bad back and sitting down for hours at a time destroys it, so I’ve been doing lots of stretches on the yoga mat and light strength training with the kettle bell.

If I didn’t do these things I’d be in lots of pain.



3. Sleeping mask

For the thrill of touring in a van, why not just stealthily sleep in a random street under a very bright streetlamp.

Solution for a decent sleep? A sleeping mask! Essential!

Also, I really like sleeping in as dark an environment as possible.


4. Occy straps

My beloved guitars are snug and secure thanks to these bad boys.

They aren’t moving an inch.


5. Cleanliness

Is really next to godliness. One thing that happens very quickly in a van is it gets very messy.

Sometimes it’s a case of out of sight out of kind (as it is in this photo) but by golly you’ve gotta organise your stuff multiple times a day.


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Header Image Credit: Wilk