Guest Playlist: Melody Moko shares the songs that influenced new single “Last Cigarette”

  • Simon Clark
  • July 9, 2020
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Last Cigarette

Brisbane-based Americana singer-songwriter Melody Moko releases her new single, “Last Cigarette” this Friday July 10th. The single is taken from her forthcoming second album, which Moko recorded last year in Nashville, TN with acclaimed producer Neilson Hubbard, following a successful US tour with Catherine Britt. 

Melody released her debut album, The Wreckage in 2017. Since then, she’s become a mother of two and found critical acclaim, including a CMC Best New Artist nod. Moko has successfully crowdfunded her second album, raising $17,000 from her loyal fanbase, $2k more than initially budgeted for.

To celebrate the release of “Last Cigarette”, Moko has kindly put together a guest playlist for us, highlighting the tracks that influenced the writing, recording and sound of the new single. Check out the playlist and Moko’s musings on the chosen songs below.

Emily Scott Robinson “Westward Bound”

Emily’s delivery is so honest. The rambling and forward moving feel of the production really provides depth of feel to this track. It’s the perfect marriage of lyric, melody and production. I was already booked in to make my record with my producer, Neilson Hubbard, when I realised that he had also produced Emily’s sophomore album, Travelling Mercies. That cemented it for me that I had my guy. 

Caroline Spence “Hotel Amarillo” 

This was the track that made me pursue recording with Neilson. The warmth, the vibe, the realness and those guitars! This has to be one of my favourite Americana guitar tracks of recent years. And, I just love Neilson on the drums. Caroline writes from a really relatable place for me too, and this track about seedy hotel rooms, wine and being on the road is spot on for me. 

Brandi Carlile “Hard Way Home”

Brandi is the queen. This album, Bear Creek, started me on my pursuing my current sound. Its influence is really evident in my last record as well as this one. 

Kathleen Edwards “Change The Sheets”

This track introduced me to a sonic vibe that I now see as the benchmark for every recording I do. Including “Last Cigarette”. This CD didn’t leave the CD player in my old Holden station wagon for a good two years. 

Catherine Britt “Always Never Enough” 

Catherine has been a long time influence for me. Since I was about 13 I’ve loved her music. Now we are close mates and we co-wrote “Last Cigarette” together. This era of her music is golden for me. I love the raw feel to this, I love the production and I love the grit. 

Lucinda Williams “Car Wheels On A Gravel Road”

I was late to the party with Lucinda. But, I’m the loudest guest at her table now. 

Ruston Kelly “Faceplant”

Ruston is a rare gem for me. Commercial, accessible, but with so much grit. 

Eliza Gilkyson “Dark Side Of Town”

I saw Eliza live in Austin at the Continental Club and it was life changing. I love her voice and how diverse her writing is. 

Molly Parden “Sail On The Water”

I listened to this track non stop when we were in Nashville making the album. It will always remind me of that time. 

Fanny Lumsden “Grown Ups”

My favourite touring buddy and all round influence; especially when it comes to being a trail blazing career woman. I love Fanny’s new record Fallow and was inspired to push myself with what I delivered, thanks to her.

“Last Cigarette” is out now. You can keep up to date with Melody via Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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