Guest Playlist: Kristo shares the tracks that inspired his debut EP Restore


Earlier this month Belgian singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Kristin Deruytter a.k.a Kristo released his debut EP Restore. 

It’s an eclectic and exciting release; one which highlights the talent and promise of the young artist, with Kristo playing with genres at will. On the one hand, you have the refined and controlled emotion of “Restore”, and on the other you have the big, bold excitement of “My Name Is So Delicious” (which we featured on our playlist a few weeks ago).

To celebrate the EPs release Kristo has kindly put together a playlist for us with some of the songs that inspired the creation of Restore. And, now listening back to the EP again, after having read through his picks; I’m hearing these songs in a different light. This is not to say that Kristo wears his influences on his sleeve, or is any way derivative, but you can start to see how he’s reached some of his choices.

Check out the EP below. Alternatively, you can watch a Kristo play a live session of the EP HERE. Then read on to discover the songs that influenced its creation:

All of these songs have a special place in my heart and were a huge inspiration when writing and recording the EP. They’re all timeless pieces of music, created by amazing artists. They bring me comfort and joy, and sometimes manage to get me to that special place where only music can take you. – Kristo

Kristo’s debut EP Restore is out now. You can grab a copy from Bandcamp HERE. You can also keep up to date with Kristo via Facebook and Instagram.

Simon Clark

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