Guest Playlist: Aussie singer-songwriter Lach Marshall shares his top tongue-in-cheek tunes

Lach Marshall

Stripped-back and altogether mellow singer-songwriter Lach Marshall is out with a new single “Tired Old Gag”.

Since the release of his debut song “December”, Lach has been pinpointed as an artist to watch, most recently collaborating with Alex Fasso on their joint track “Borrowed Nostalgia”.

On “Tired Old Gag”, the singer-songwriter delves into indie heartland. A rumination on a bad prank that went very wrong, the new track bears Lach’s signature laid-back, acoustic-driven sound, this time layered with a subtle rock influence.

Relaxed guitar riffs and gentle instrumentals lead you through his of-the-moment reflections: “I know you never thought much of me / I’m not much of a man”.

In the spirit of his new single, Lach has shared with us a list of his Top-10 tongue-in-cheek tracks, to credit those moments when you overstep the mark and end up feeling a bit of a “doofus”, in his words. Press play on the playlist and read on for his thoughts on each of his picks.

Eels “I Like Birds”

A ridiculous song that is as far as I can tell about E’s love of birds… The melodies are super catchy and shows that you don’t always need to take yourself so seriously to write a cool song.

Purple Mountains “That’s Just The Way I Feel”

The opening stanza of this track sold me on the entire album and launched me and my friends into a David Berman frenzy. The honest and hilarious take on self-loathing is both clever and disarming.

Bloodhound Gang “Ralph Wiggum” 

This song is pretty much just Ralph Wiggum lines packaged into a pop punk song. On face value it’s totally ridiculous, and it is, but the song is actually insanely catchy. The production and instrumentation reminds me a bit of Foo Fighters’ first record.

The Stone Roses “Elizabeth My Dear” 

This song is a short re-imagining of Simon & Garfunkel’s “Scarborough Fair”. That being said, the way it flips S&G’s narrative from a love song to one that calls for ‘curtains for you, Elizabeth my dear’ is pretty cheeky.

The Beatles “Two Of Us”

‘I dig a pygmy by Charles Hawtrey and the Deafaides! Phase one in which Dorris gets her oats!’… What a bizarre and hilarious introduction to an album. If you don’t know what I’m talking about – listen to the start of this track – ridiculous!

Silver Jews “San Francisco B.C” 

This song showcases David Berman’s incredible knack for story telling and humour. The song loosely seems to follow a failed relationship and Berman’s attempt to get a job with a less than reputable, slightly bald employer. Of his follically challenged boss, Berman notes he ‘was neatly trimmed, but a patch was bare I knew it wasn’t new wave, it was human error’… Gold.”

The Strokes “Welcome to Japan” 

Groovy and typically cool understated Casablancas delivery. The airtight rhythm section and counter melodies on the guitar sit behind the main question of this track ‘What kind of asshole drives a lotus?’.

Simon & Garfunkel “Punky’s Dilemma” 

‘I wish I was a Kellogg’s corn flake’ sums this track up. It’s carefree, catchy and lighthearted. It sits in contrast to that very earnest faced Paul Simon on the record sleeve. The silliness is punctuated by some lovely harmonies singing about California. Oh and a car door slamming and someone falling down the stairs.

Oasis “Bonehead’s Bank Holiday” 

Apparently written and recorded after a long arvo at the pub… it sounds like it!.

The Drones “Another Rousing Chorus You Idiots!!!”

This song is exhausting and sounds like a late night Neil Young and Crazy Horse jam. Gareth Liddiard’s lyrical knack drives this drunken stagger of a song. I needed a reason to include the Drones somewhere in this – the title of this song is enough.”

“Tired Old Gag” is out now. You can find and connect with Lach Marshall on Instagram.