Exclusive Single Premiere: The Pinkerton Raid “Lisbet Cries” (2021)

The Pinkerton Raid

The Pinkerton Raid is an indie-rock band from North Carolina in the USA. They have crafted a unique blend of folk, Americana and indie rock.  We are thrilled today to be premiering their latest release, “Lisbet Cries”. The track will be on their long play record The Highway Moves The World, which will be released in 2022.

“Lisbet Cries” brings the skills of frontman Jesse James DeConto to the fore. A masterful storyteller, with a strong voice that carries the powerful emotions of the song, coupled with lush instrumentation this track has your attention from start to end. The harmonies, thrown in with jangly guitars and a tasty brass solo take this track to the next level.

The track was written by Jesse about his sister, as he explains: “Anytime you write a song, you take the risk of whether the listener can relate the specifics of their own lives to the specifics of the song. I’m always trying to see the universal through the lens of the particular.

‘Lisbet Cries’ is grounded in the experience of my sister, Suzanne ‘Elisabeth’. As a young child, she would have the most extreme emotional responses to everyday experiences like being put in her crib or bit by a mosquito. She seemed to feel the pain of the world with more intensity than other people. Adolescence wasn’t an especially easy road for her, but when she grew up, those powerful emotions turned into powerful empathy and compassion, and she found her calling as a schoolteacher. This is a song for all those people who feel the feels more strongly than others and it turns them into caregivers for those around them. We all probably know somebody like that.”

If it was sung with an Irish accent, it would not be out of place amongst the songbooks of some of the great Irish singer/songwriters. Either way, it’s a song with passion and an abundance of love.

Making up the rest of the band is Derek Skeen on bass, guitar, and vocals, Fleming Talton on drums and Luis Rodriguez on guitar, trumpet and keys.

“Lisbet Cries’ will be released on all digital platforms on Friday, 23rd July 2021. In the meantime, do enjoy our sneak preview. You can pre-save it HERE


Upcoming shows:
Saturday, 7th August | The Pinkerton Raid at City Sunsets, Greensboro, NC – details HERE
Saturday, 2nd October | The Evening Muse @ 10:30pm, Charlotte NC – tickets HERE

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Header photo credit:  Kendall Bailey

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