Exclusive Single Premiere: Stuffy Shmitt “110 Shotguns” (2023)

Stuffy Shmitt

Nashville is famous for being the home of some of the finest musicians on the planet. Some are filthy rich and famous (Hi Keith!), and there are others who are perhaps not quite as famous (or rich!), but have led a full life and are highly revered amongst their contemporaries.

One of these troubadours is indie alt-Americana artist Stuffy Shmitt. Stuffy is on the cusp of releasing his latest album Cherry, and today we are thrilled to be premiering the single “110  Shotguns”,  ahead of the album’s release on the 24th of February.

“110 Shotguns” is a wistful look from a barfly as he recalls, somewhat hazily perhaps, his memories of a reckless youth. There are regrets, and longing as he reflects upon his past. This is steeped in melancholy and draws a vivid picture of late nights in dark bars with sticky carpets. There’s some Lou Reed and Bob Dylan vibes seeping through on “110 Shotguns”.

The album was recorded by Stuffy with a bunch of his Nashville pals. About the album, Stuffy writes:  “The vibe in the studio was incredible—all of us big kids getting back to being a basement band. That’s what Cherry is all about, really. We recorded live in the studio, with very few overdubs. We just got in there and banged out some noise in the most urgent, immediate, feel-it-in-your-belly kind of way. The music business might be nonsense, but music still lives inside us. It’s a life force.

One night I played The Basement East in Nashville—we call it The Beast—and they were handing out stickers that said, ‘Get happier, fuckers.’ Yeah man, exactly, why not be happy? I get to make music, and that’s the best-est, fun-est thing you can do. Making Cherry was balls out, rock & roll. Fearless fun. It’s my booster shot for everything sideways going on in the world.”

Here’s to more ‘balls out rock & roll’! “110 Shotguns” will be released tomorrow, Friday 10th February. In the meantime, enjoy our premiere.

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Header image credit: Dave Colema

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