Exclusive Single Premiere: Jewel Owusu “Hurts” ft. Sophie DeMasi (2023)

Jewel Owusu

Melbourne/Naarm based singer-songwriter Jewel Owusu has teamed with Londoner Sophie DeMasi to delivery the emotive and empowering new single “Hurts”, due to be released this Friday, 23rd June. We’re thrilled today at the AU to have the first listen of this poignant reflection on the impact a hurtful deed or action can have on others.

About the track, Owusu writes: “‘hurts’ reflects on the aftermath of hurting someone and the intense anger that ensues. It’s all about owning up to the impact we’ve had on those around us, realising the hurt we’ve caused, and the impossibility of undoing the damage.”

The track is beautifully constructed. The synths are precise and sparkle, allowing the gorgeous vocals to effortless float and shimmer. There’s an elegant restraint that allows the melody to get under your skin. With an upbeat chorus that’s as infectious as it is emotive, “Hurts” is a track to put on repeat.

“Hurts” was produced by Jewel and Dylan Guy, and promises to be just the start of a new body of work to be released by Owusu as the year rolls on.



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