Exclusive Single Premiere: Skybelly “State of Disaster” (2021)


Skybelly is the musical project for Melbourne-based singer/songwriter and producer Sara Nelson. We are thrilled to have the premiere today of her latest offering, “State of Disaster”, before its release on Friday.

“State of Disaster” was inspired by the “what if we kissed?” meme during last years ‘state of disaster’ resulting in Victoria’s lockdown. The meme of people kissing in hazmat suits amused Sara, so she wrote this song. She forgot about it for a while, it was unearthed and then with the help of her friend Sam, it was turned into the beautiful sweet song that it is today. Skybelly declares it as “the closest I’ll ever get to writing a full blown pop song”.

This is just the song to listen to during a looming disaster. It’ll have you put aside your worries and bathe in the lush beauty of the dreamy vocals of Skybelly. The synths swirl and the gorgeous vocals seal the deal.

Nelson spent her childhood between Canberra and Las Vegas. It proved to be a difficult time, falling prey to heroin, and she spent the next four years being addicted to it. Getting herself clean, she then attended Collarts, earning a  Bachelor of Music Production.

It looks as though 2021 will be a productive year for Skybelly. Her EP, The Drama of a Lava Lamp will be released this year, as well as her debut album, A Space Tramp Odyssey. Her long-play is a concept album, following the travels of an aimless writer, Judy Ramino, as she drifts from planet to planet. With the dreamy vocals of Skybelly and her lush production this is a release to look forward to.

The track will be released this Friday. You can pre-save “State of Disaster” HERE

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