Exclusive Single Premiere: Muscle Mary “Optics” (2023)

Muscle Mary

Plenty is being said these days about gender and identity. Sydney alt-punk rockers Muscle Mary tackle this head-on, particularly perceptions held within the music scene, in their latest thought-provoking single, “Optics”. We’re excited to be premiering the track ahead of its release this Friday.

Despite the advancement in conversations about gender, appearances and inclusivity, these conversations and supposed ‘learnings’ don’t necessarily find their way into everyday practices.  Lead vocalist and bassist Jet Kelly reflects, “We’re tired of the condescending surprise in male audience members’ eyes when they say, ‘you’re actually really good.’ We want to be recognized for our skill without the constant undertone of low expectations.”

It’s a bold exploration of the theme, honest and to the point –‘”would you listen to our music if we didn’t look this good?” they ask. There’s a potent raw energy to the delivery, a growling visceral bass line and no beating about the bush.

For those unfamiliar with Muscle Mary, they formed in 2022 and are comprised of Jet Kelly (singer, bassist), Lucy Howroyd (drummer) and Tommy Webster (guitarist). They’ve been building a reputation in Sydney for their energetic live shows, delivering their unfiltered message with unbridled passion.

The band is busy working on their six-track EP titled Co0ked To Perfection, set to be released later this year. They also have a couple of shows lined up over the next few weeks – see below for details.

Enjoy our premiere of “Optics” ahead of its release on Friday. It can be pre-saved HERE.

Upcoming Muscle Mary live shows

Friday 20th October –  The Servo, Port Kembla – supporting Deafcult – tickets HERE
Saturday 21st October – Botany View Hotel, Newtown – Supporting Enclave, with Gutterpig and Triptychs – tickets HERE

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