Exclusive Single Premiere: Lars Nagel “Now That You’ve Left Me” (2023)

Lars Nagel

Lars Nagel is an alt-country/Americana veteran, singer-songwriter, and guitarist, raised in Sweden and settled in Atlanta. He is on the cusp of releasing Tomorrow Never Knows, his latest solo album, but prior to this we have the pleasure of premiering his poignant single, “Now That You’ve Left Me”.

The track is filled with warmth and tenderness, as Lars recounts the final days of his dying father. Showcasing his innate ability to capture the intimacy of the moment, the track beautifully captures this intense experience that will be familiar to many. “Now That You’ve Left Me” features beautiful backing vocals from co-producer Diane Coll.

Lars reflects on how the safety net, perceived or otherwise,  of the parent disappears when they pass, as he sings “Now that you’ve left me my childhood has gone. You can no longer right all of my wrongs.”.  

He started to write the song on the front porch of the childhood home in Stockhom, while his father was in his childhood bedroom dying, and finished the song soon afterwards.  “I’d read somewhere that when a boy’s father dies, he takes the boy’s childhood with him,” Lars says. “I’m still trying to fully understand what that means, but the idea ended up being the chorus of the song.”

“Now That You’ve Left Me” will be on his album, Tomorrow Never Knows  to be released on the 8th December. The album is diverse in styles, from ’90’s alt-country through to contemporary Americana, along with some ’60s cosmic country as well as folk and roots rock.

The themes vary from the political, addressing the escalating gun violence, the opioid epidemic as well as the QAnon consipiracies and right-wing propaganda. There is also the deeply personal, such as “Now That You’ve Left Me” as well as “Old Photographs” that were inspired by the passing of his father. The common thread through all the songs, is the gifted and evocative songwriting which is coupled with the rhythms and melodies of his guitars that make it such a rewarding journey.

Lars has been creating music for three decades now, as a solo artist and in bands such as The El Caminos, The Ditchdiggers and Motor 76. It’s fair to say that he has earned his ‘veteran’ status.  

Enjoy out premiere of “Now That You’ve Left Me” and be sure to give the album a listen when it is released on the 8th December.

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