Exclusive Single Premiere: K. L. Mazlin “Middle Ground” (2020)


Former Hungry Kid of Hungary K. L. Mazlin is continuing on his journey into solo territory. Following the positive response to his debut single “Aurora Glass”, he’s back with new single “Middle Ground”. Officially releasing tomorrow, we’re stoked to bring you this exclusive premiere of the new track. 

“Middle Ground” is an ode to getting older, evoking the feeling of being lost in the grey area between the buzz of youth and the onset of middle aged back pain. Holy Holy’s Ryan Strathie returns to record, mix, and perform on the track. Luke Hodgson (Angus & Julia Stone, Meg Mac, Megan Washington) also features on bass. Meanwhile mastering comes courtesy of Matt Redlich (Ball Park Music). 

With its relaxed piano driven vibes, “Middle Ground”, is yet another strong release from Mazlin. From the adept songwriting to the tasteful and elegant instrumentation there’s a lot to love here. The track, on release, has become all the more pertinent, with Mazlin returning to Brisbane after leaving Melbourne only a matter of days ago. “Middle Ground” might deal in metaphors, but for now Mazlin finds himself lost in his own middle ground, under quarantine in a Gold Coast hotel.

Stream “Middle Ground” ahead of its official release below: 

“Middle Ground” releases Thursday 9th July via False Peak Records. You can keep up to date with K. L. Mazlin on Instagram.

Header Photo: K. L. Mazlin

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