Track of the Day: K.L. Mazlin “Aurora Glass” (2020)

Aurora Glass

Melbourne-based artist K.L. Mazlin has taken the leap into solo territory and released his debut single, “Aurora Glass”. For some Mazlin might be a recognisable name, having spent the better part of his musical career plying his trade across several bands, most notably Hungry Kids of Hungary. 

Produced by good friend and bandmate, Holy Holy’s Ryan Strathie, “Aurora Glass” is loosely based on the 2007 film Lars and the Real Girl, and explores the journey towards love and happiness. 

The track has a wonderful classic sixties/seventies vibe to it, right down to the arrangements and the harmonies. There’s a real sense of brightness and life to it all. And clocking in at under three minutes it never overstays its welcome, even after repeat listens. It’ll be interesting to hear how the track translates live. Whenever live music starts up again that is.  

The benefit of having played in a heap of quality bands is that when it comes to releasing your own solo material, you’ve got no shortage of talented friends to call on to back you up. On “Aurora Glass”, Mazlin has enlisted the musicianship of Strathie on drums; Alex Bennison (guitar), Luke Hodgson (bass) and Hugo Lee (sax).

“Aurora Glass” is just the start too, with an extended release all set for release later this year. So keep your ears to the ground.  

“Aurora Glass” is available now from False Peak Records. You can find K.L. Mazlin on Instagram.

Simon Clark

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