Exclusive Single Premiere: FVNERAL “MERCY” (2023)


Sydney’s FVNERAL are masters at creating music that fosters compassion, and which is imbued with love and care. Their latest track about to drop is “MERCY”, a song about the relief and beauty of having connections, being accepted, heard and having the ability to celebrate one’s own identity.

This release follows their critically acclaimed tracks “HAPPY ANNIVERSARY” and “FROZEN LASAGNE”, that were released earlier this year. They have an EP, HONEST, due to be released next month. They will be launching the EP at the Lord Gladstone Hotel on the 11th of November – tickets below. They will also be performing at the inaugural Transgenre Festival at Sydney’s Red Rattler on the 17th December.

The song touches on how healing it can be to connect with others who share aspects of your identity; as FVNERAL‘s Tim shared, “connecting with a non-binary person in an intimate way was so crucial in coming to understand my own non-binary identity.”

Tim came upon the verse and chorus during a late-night session at a recording studio in the US. Ally and Tim worked on the song in a bedroom in Ally’s parent’s house, until it came together.

There is a beautiful warmth, delicacy and acceptance that seeps through the veins of the track. Opening the track is Tim and an acoustic guitar, with the call to openness – “To be honest with you know, I’ve never been honest at all” and reflection “As I crawl up beside you, in your childhood bed”. The gorgeous harmonies between Tim and Ally kick in and send shivers.  “MERCY” is a track you will want to play repeatedly.

“MERCY” will be released tomorrow, and can be pre-saved HERE.  In the meantime, enjoy our exclusive premiere.

Upcoming FVNERAL Gigs

11th Nov – HONEST EP launch – Lord Gladstone Hotel – tickets HERE
22,34,24th Nov – Supporting Late November  – Central Coast, Newcastle, Sydney
17th December – Transgenre Festival – Red Rattler, Sydney – tickets HERE
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