Day: 26 October 2023

Crime writers festival BAD Sydney returns for a five day run this November

Running from Wednesday November 1st to Sunday November 5th, BAD Sydney is back and bigger than ever! It all kicks off in just a few days, with an infamous Literary Death Match at the State Library of NSW’s Metcalfe Auditorium. Writers Tim Ayliffe, Anne Buist, Candice Fox, and Rob McDonald will duke it out in…

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Film Review: Netflix’s opioid crime drama Pain Hustlers benefits from Emily Blunt’s passionate performance

There’s already been an abundance of films, television series and books that have detailed the greedy, unethical foundations of the pharmaceutical industry in America.  And whilst Netflix’s Pain Hustlers may not be the most investigative and favours entertainment over education, it’s a further insight into the peddling of the opioid crisis and acts as something…

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A whiskey and ice cream pop-up is coming to Darlinghurst’s The Mayflower

One of Sydney’s most upscale cafes, The Mayflower Darlinghurst, is paying tribute to the odd combination of whisky and peanut butter with a summer-ready pop-up bar exclusively dedicated to espresso martinis and ice cream. Yes, it may sound like a strange shot in any season, but Sheep Dog Peanut Butter Whiskey and Elato Ice Cream…

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DEVO announce Good Things Festival sideshows

American new wave legends DEVO return to Australia celebrating 50 years of De-Evolution. In 1978 DEVO released their debut album Q: Are We Not Men? A: We Are Devo! produced by Brian Eno after David Bowie and Iggy Pop convinced Warner Bros to offering them a recording contract. DEVO made their mainstream breakthrough with their…

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Dendy Cinema announce new Brisbane outdoor cinema venue

The stars come out at night, and now so can Brisbane with the announcement today that Dendy Cinema, the home of quality cinema, are bringing an unforgettable new outdoor cinema experience to the iconic Brisbane Powerhouse, the city’s hub of contemporary art and culture. Nothing says you’re in Queensland more than gathering with your friends…

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Film Review: Scarygirl invites its viewers to embrace the power of positivity in even the darkest of days

Watching Scarygirl it becomes even more increasingly annoying that Australian cinema hasn’t embraced animation as thoroughly as we should.  Sure, we have the likes of Blinky Bill and Ferngully to claim as our own (and, yes, I’m aware of Happy Feet, but it feels like an entity separate from the more independently funded productions), but,…

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Exclusive Single Premiere: FVNERAL “MERCY” (2023)

Sydney’s FVNERAL are masters at creating music that fosters compassion, and which is imbued with love and care. Their latest track about to drop is “MERCY”, a song about the relief and beauty of having connections, being accepted, heard and having the ability to celebrate one’s own identity. This release follows their critically acclaimed tracks…

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Mikey Robins

Book Review: Mikey Robins’ latest book considers those dumb and dumber tw*ts from history

Broadcaster Mikey Robins has entertained many audiences over the years with his sharp tongue and trademark wit. The comedian has now written his third book, this time setting his sights on discussing some of history’s finest dolts. Idiots, Follies & Misadventures is another fun romp through the past with Robins as our guide, telling us…

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Film Review: Dumb Money is a cautionary tale as much as it is one of conquest

Watching Dumb Money it’s not hard to be reminded of The Social Network.  Aside from the fact that Craig Gillespie‘s comedic drama is produced by The Winklevoss Twins – the brothers who had a major role in the creation of Facebook, at least according to them – Dumb Money is similarly recounting one of the…

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Film Review: Five Nights at Freddy’s may be too long a stay for the uninitiated viewer

As someone who hasn’t played the Five Nights at Freddy’s video game series and, by extension, has no idea of the attached lore, I can’t comment on how faithful Emma Tammi‘s supernatural horror(ish) film truly is.  I have to hope that the purists will enjoy themselves with what is put forward, but as a casual…

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