Exclusive Single Premiere: Chelsea Elder “I won’t wait” (2023)

Chelsea Elder

Chelsea Elder is a gifted 22-year-old singer/songwriter hailing from Melbourne/Naarm and is about to release “I won’t wait”, and we are stoked to be premiering it before its release on Friday.

In “I won’t wait”, Chelsea sings of the need not to wait for other people to change or for circumstances to change in order to move on. Sometimes you need to take the initiative yourself.

Chelsea explains: “Some things age gracefully, like fine wine, exquisite cheese, or antiques. However, other aspects do not, such as certain people, friendships, relationships, or family dynamics. This song is about refusing to wait for change and realising the imperative to take action or move on.”

Chelsea’s catalogue varies in style from indie folk to rock, soul, RnB and everything in between. As she reaches her upper registers, the vocals have clarity and honesty. With a jazz groove to “I won’t wait” she muses “, I always wear vintage, but I will not wear you,  I’ll stare at old antiques, but it’s time for something new”. Sometimes, you’ve just got to move on, right?

Helping out on production was Calvin Bennett, Ethan French and Matt Walker. William Wallace was on drums.

Chelsea has been creating music and performing since a young age and has sold out headline shows in Perth and Melbourne. The intimacy in her lyrics draws the listener in. The maturity in the songwriting and composition is evident in “I won’t wait”. You get the feeling a breakout album is just around the corner.

You can catch Chelsea at the Retreat Hotel in Brunswick this Saturday night, the 21st of October, where she will launch the single. Tickets are available HERE. Take advantage of the opportunity to support live music if you can.

You can pre-save “I won’t wait” HERE. In the meantime, you can enjoy our exclusive premiere.


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Header image credit: Seyhan Camgoz

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