Amy Sheppard and Isabella Manfredi join the lineup at BODFest

Amy Sheppard

The inaugural BODFest will be held in Sydney’s Paddington Town Hall on October 8 and aims to “celebrate women that turn up the volume on body positivity, a social movement advocating to embrace and accept all definitions of beauty and body standards.”

“The event will feature live streamed interviews, panel discussions, all-inclusive fashion shows, interactive sessions and entertainment.  It will encompass a range of topics from mental health, sex and relationships, inclusive fashion and beauty, and wellness to celebrate and build self-acceptance.”

Amongst the speakers that have been announced are international supermodel, feminist and author, Emily Ratajkowski (virtual). Another virtual speaker is Remi Bader, who has been calling out the fashion industry for its unrealistic sizing and fitting for women who are of a larger size.

Two of our finest female musos are represented on the bill. Amy Sheppard (pictured) from the band Sheppard will be appearing. Another highlight will be Isabella ‘izzi’ Manfredi, formerly from The Preatures. Izzi has recently launched her solo career.

Amy and Izzi will be on a panel with former professional AFL footballer, Moana Hope to discuss body and mind positivity when leading your life in the spotlight.

In addition, Amy will be performing a special acoustic set, featuring songs from her debut country EP, Nothing But Wild.

Brooke Blurton, The Bachelorette’s first Indigenous and openly bi-sexual leading lady will be appearing, as will model AJ Clementine who has shared her gender transition so openly.

Other speakers include:

·      Ginger and Carman – Australia’s most eclectic over 50’s style icons
·      Bianca Hunt – Founder and CEO of Agent Blak
·      Danni Carr – Podcaster and founder of ‘How I Quit Alcohol’
·      Jarin Baigent Wiradjuri woman. Founder of Jarin Street fashion label and Trading Blak
·      Dani Adriana – “Fat Activist” and plus-size social content creator.
·      Amanda Goff –  author, journalist and former escort (previously known as Samantha X)
·      Brianna Creenaune – nearly died in a 2016 house fire that left her with third-degree burns and now works as a model to celebrate visual differences like scars.
·      Jules Robinson – Australian television personality, entrepreneur and body-positivity advocate.
·      Khadija Gbla –  is an Australian feminist and human rights activist
·      Moana Hope – a former professional Australian rules footballer.
·      Vanessa Haldane – founder of Journey To Worthy, model, speaker and podcast host.
·      JAM the label – Inclusive fashion brand founders

It’s an impressive lineup, and you can see it expanding in future years. So, grab your girlfriends and book a ticket to BODFest before they sell out.

BODFest – Saturday 8 October

The Paddington Town Hall (also via on-demand access)
9:00am – 5:00pm
RRP is $49.95 per ticket (half-day session) and includes a gift bag valued up to $150.
RRP $19.95 for virtual on-demand access
Tickets are on sale now at

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