Book Review: Amy Hutton’s Sit, Stay, Love. is a sweet, fun, and easy read

Sit, Stay, Love

Sit, Stay, Love is the story of Sera Madden, an awkward thirty-something with a deep passion for saving animals and a love for writing. Running the always struggling animal rescue Rose’s Rescue (named after her late grandmother), Sera is comfortable with her life, which she mostly shares with her dreamy best friend, vet Toby. The two are inseparable, and it’s obvious from the beginning that Toby is crushing hard on Sera – a situation that becomes all too complicated when the drop dead gorgeous movie star Ethan James shows up needing Sera’s help with a dog-related issue.

Written by Sydney’s Amy Hutton, this novel took me a while to get into, but once I started I couldn’t put it down. It has all the tropes I just can’t resist – friends to lovers, a love triangle, two men competing for the lead character’s heart and a strong and independent female lead.

Hutton paints a clear and picturesque image of Sydney’s Northern Beaches, where she also happens to reside in real life. Sera’s dog, Buffy, is also named after Hutton’s actual rescue who ignited her very real passion for animal advocacy, another trait she shares with leading lady Sera.

At times, the dialogue is a little unnatural, especially for characters who are supposed to be in their early thirties. Sera can be frustratingly oblivious at times when it comes to not realising her long time bestie Toby is madly in love with her. Although, she maintains her stance as definitely NOT a damsel in distress. She’s fierce, independent and very likeable. Her friendship with Toby is, however, unrealistic at times (what thirty something year old has SO much time to hang out with their way too good looking and successful friends?!). But, it works, and it’s adorable.

The introduction of Ethan James, movie star, was a little jarring to me at first. I always find fake celebrities in books a little bit cringey. That said Hutton does a great job at creating a very realistic picture of Ethan and making him once again very likeable- to the point where I genuinely felt torn on Sera’s behalf.

Overall, this was a super easy and pleasant read. I genuinely enjoyed every moment with this novel, and it was the perfect thing to read at the end of a very long day. If, like me, you’re looking for an enjoyable read to fill the gaping hole that the current day’s lack of romantic comedy films has left in your life, then look no further than Sit, Stay, Love.

Sit, Stay, Love


Amy Hutton’s Sit, Stay, Love is available now from Simon and Schuster Australia. Grab yourself a copy from Booktopia HERE.