Interview: Amy McIntosh from Vilify talks latest single, tours and Newcastle’s heavy scene

Newcastle hardcore act Vilify have emerged as a force to be reckoned with since their debut EP Clarity in 2020. Featuring Amy McIntosh and Lizi Blanco of The Beautiful Monument, the quartet have come out swinging this year with blistering single “Take the Pill” and latest offering “From the Inside”.

We caught up with Amy to chat about the new song, tours and more.

Congrats on the new single! How has the year been for Vilify so far?

It has been good! We did our first tour around the country with our friends in ATLVS. Played a few cool support slots and released our two favourite tracks so far!

“From the Inside” tackles some hot topics that need to be addressed. What inspired the potent lyrics?

I had a friend who was sort of lashing out at my sexuality, marking my pride as offensive. The song is about the anger I felt in that. Growing up repressing that side of myself because society wasn’t ready for it and then being older, more confident and having someone remind me of that doubt was not something I was stoked about.

That breakdown SLAPS. How did the music of this fervent track come together?

This one started with me. I had a lyrical/vocal idea that I wanted so I threw some production elements, guitars and drums together with the vocals and said to Deni “Make it not shit”, and that she did. I believe the breakdown I wrote was garbage, however. So that bit was all her and Chris Blancato, our producer.

What are some of the band’s biggest musical influences, given that the sound is very different to The Beautiful Monument?

Honestly, anything and everything. We all LOVE heavy but also love hooky pop. So it’s genuinely everything. If we are talking long-term influences of heavy, we always seem to collectively land on ETID, Norma Jean, The Ghost Inside sort of vibe from growing up. But more recently the crowd pleasers are the obvious culprits Spiritbox, Sleep Token, Loathe, Alpha Wolf, Thrown.

You had an East Coast run earlier this year with ATLVS and you’ll be playing with them again this September alongside Darkmatter and Cultists. What’s the best show Vilify have played to date?

Our best show to date would have to be our first ever headline show in Newcastle at the Hamo on that ATLVS tour. It was so crazy to see so many friends and faces we recognised. We were super nervous about even the idea of headlining, but everyone turned up and turned it on – it went off. I don’t think I will ever forget that show. We didn’t know what to expect and everyone made it feel so special. To share it with our friends in Vex as well, dream come true.

Furthermore, you’ll be joining the stacked lineup of AFTERMATH at Crowbar in Sydney soon after. What can fans expect from your live set?

This show is exciting for us as it feels like a bit of a different crowd compared to what we normally play to. Very exciting to get in there and give it a crack. We are most excited to meet new people and make new friends, but also see how From the Inside is received live!

There must be something in the water with all these phenomenal bands coming out of Newcastle. Who’s an emerging local we should be all over right now?

Vex. Collidescope. Vex is angry hardcore boys that are killing it. They are already destined for greatness. They are too cool to be my mates and I am very proud of them. Collidescope are rocky pop punk that are just downright amazing. Very sweet and beautiful people too. They love their scene and it shows.

What’s the next chapter in the Vilify story?

Writing writing writing. And PLAYING. We just want to perform more. The Vilify live show is very important to us and we just want to get out there and share it with more people in more places. We have had such a rocky road with shows the last couple of years that we are itching for more. If you want to see us anywhere, just ask. We will try to make it happen, because we want to see us there too. <3

“From the Inside” is available to stream everywhere. Get your tickets to AFTERMATH in Sydney HERE.