Day: 16 June 2024

Six unmissable gigs this July and August

Despite the winter chill, we are looking ahead to July and August to warm up with an incredible lineup of live music. This year has already delivered some unforgettable acts, but it seems the best is yet to come. Australian and New Zealand are about to get a fantastic delivery of shows for you to…

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Darkest Miriam is a captivating drama grounded by the hauntingly beautiful performance of Britt Lower: Tribeca Film Festival Review

There’s a subtlety and quietness to Darkest Miriam that continually laces this sad, yet captivating drama, with Britt Lower‘s haunting central performance adding a poetry to proceedings that beautifully captures those watching. In a Toronto neighbourhood, Miriam (Lower) lives a quiet life as a librarian, seemingly content with her daily routine of shuffling through the…

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