Day: 1 May 2024

Interview: Boy Kills World director Moritz Mohr on choreography, creativity and French cookies; “The heck if I could tell you how it came to be.”

In his directorial feature film debut, Moritz Mohr aimed for the jugular, and bloodied it out with gusto.  Boy Kills World (you can read our review here) is a balls-to-the-wall action flick about a deaf and mute orphan who is trained by a mysterious shaman to repress his childish imagination and become an instrument of…

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Film Review: The Road to Patagonia twists and turns towards self-discovery

The Road to Patagonia opens with Matty Hannon – the director, cinematographer, and centre-man – telling how he’s headed to the top of Alaska, which if you know your American geography, is distinctly away from Patagonia, which encompasses the southern end of South America. But worry not, the title is not a metaphor nor figurative. …

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Red River Road

Book Review: Red River Road by Anna Downes is the thriller to get obssesed with this winter

This week saw the arrival of Red River Road by Anna Downes into book stores around the country. Brace yourself for an intensly scary ride! Anna Downes established herself in the thriller genre and gained international success with her previous novels: The Safe Place (2020) and The Shadow House (2021). This is her third novel…

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Alone in the Dark is a thrilling return to survival horror

Alone in the Dark resurrects the iconic survival horror franchise with a modern twist, delivering a chilling, immersive experience that will keep you on the edge of your seat. Developed by a dedicated team at Pieces Interactive, this latest instalment brings new life to the series while paying homage to its roots. Embark on a…

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Exclusive Video Premiere: TYDE “Latte Partay” (2024)

Hailing from Meanjin, the fem–led TYDE know how to bring in the good times. Last month they released the raucus “Latte Partay”, a genre-bending, funky, groovy ball of explosion, and we are thrilled today to be premering their awesome new video to accompany this feel-good track. With a booming bass line, and a vibrant horn…

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Album Review: Frank Turner’s Undefeated delivers everything you want and more (2024 LP)

Solo album number 10 for Frank Turner opens with “Do One” and it just might be my personal anthem by the end of all this.  It’s a siren’s call to anyone who has been on the receiving end of someone else’s bullshit, with lyrics that resonate on an intimate level, cleverly wrapped in one of…

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