Day: 9 March 2023

Film Review: To Leslie; Is Andrea Riseborough’s shock Oscar nomination justified?

In the lead up to the Best Actress nominations at this year’s Oscars, Andrea Riseborough was not a name oft-thrown around.  That’s not to say she didn’t deserve to be in the chatter, but after Cate Blanchett (Tár) and Michelle Yeoh (Everything Everywhere All At Once) continued to trade winning speeches throughout each major precursor…

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Film Review: Danielle Deadwyler commands the emotional and infuriating Till

The murder of Emmett Till in 1955, Mississippi, still stands as one of America’s most shocking (and shameful) moments, even now almost 7 decades later.  If you’re unaware – like myself going into this stirring drama – the 14-year-old Till (Jalyn Hall) was visiting family in Mississippi, the first time he had ever really been…

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Adelaide Fringe Review: Hello, The Hell: Othello is a darkly funny Korean play

Adelaide Arts Theatre is hosting the first ever Korean season for the Adelaide Fringe. AtoBiz and Global Cultural Exchange Committee have hand picked a small selection of physical theatre and music shows. The story Hello the Hell: Othello is a play by Creative Jakhwa, a young team that started with the meaning of “flowering a…

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Sam Syrah

Exclusive Single Premiere – Sam Syrah “Love Hurt” (2023)

Today we have the premiere of the emotive “Love Hurt” from Meanjin/Brisbane indie-rock artist Sam Syrah.  Sam Syrah is the solo project for Sam Shepherd, joined with friends from bands such as Juno and Port Royal. “Love Hurt” showcases the versatility of the artist. His previous track, “Philosophy” had an Arctic Monkey’s inspired groove, and…

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Film Review: Scream VI is the finest and freshest the series has felt since the original

Given how meta and self-referential the Scream series has become, there’s something kind of brilliant in the familiar Ghostface vocal (again brought to sadistic life by Roger L. Jackson) exclaiming “Who gives a fuck about movies?” as he slices down on his latest victim prior to the Scream VI title card.  The answer, it would…

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