Day: 16 November 2021

King Richard is a crowd-pleasing drama featuring a career-best turn from Will Smith: AFI Film Festival Review

As much as King Richard has all the trappings of a biopic – and a sports drama, for that matter – it’s a testament to everyone involved that it manages to entirely transcend expectation and feel like something that’s so much more. It’s easy to wax lyrical about the fact that we’re getting a film…

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Film Review: Last Night In Soho is a demented, musical-inspired trip that delights in nightmarish nostalgia

A gorgeously rendered, lovingly crafted, maybe slightly messy, giallo tribute drenched in 1960’s London culture, Last Night In Soho is the type of film one wishes to dissect and divulge in intimate detail.  But that would entirely undo any service to writer/director Edgar Wright, who has implored audiences the globe over to keep their mouths…

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Picasso follows Van Gogh as “Imagine Picasso: The Immersive Experience” arrives in Vancouver, Canada

Millions around the world have already experienced Imagine Van Gogh – a reimagining of the way we immerse ourselves in the pieces of an adored artist, usually limited by the finite nature of their work. 3.5 million tickets have been sold in North America alone, and the concept is currently in Brisbane as it tours Australia…

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