Tommy Wiseau’s monster film Big Shark gets an official trailer

Disaster artist Tommy Wiseau, best known as the accidental genius behind cult hit The Room, revealed earlier this year plans to direct and star in his own bona fied shark movie. As you can expect, nervous laughter and that “pfft” sound dude bros like making were the most common reactions to the surprising announcement, which has now been validated by its very own official trailer.

Released this weekend, a teaser trailer for Big Shark has director-lead Tommy Wiseau starring as a firefighter named Patrick who, along with two colleagues Tim (Isaiah LaBorder) and Georgie (Greg Sestero), is just enjoying life at some bar in New Orleans, saying stuff like “oh hi” and watching helplessly as Georgie is called a jerk and slapped (really hard) by two different women. Then they walk a few metres before the streets start flooding. Then Tommy, in his signature “I’m half asleep but I’m still very excited and alive” tone screams “water! look at that”. Then a CGI shark eats a woman in the background, but the three firefighters don’t seem to notice as they walk very casually – not giving off any impression of wading at all – through the water, oblivious to the fact that a big, stupidly rendered, roaring water beast is now stalking them.

Rumour has it Tommy has put together this teaser trailer without any intention on actually releasing the film, although he himself has promised that the completed product will be ready for screening as early as September of this year.

Big Shark isn’t the first time Tommy has attempted to lend his considerable lack of talent to a classic horror concept. The man of unknown (Polish) origins has been talking about making a vampire film for years, and although that never actually materialised, Tommy did manage to release a short film called The House That Drips Blood on Alex. The 14 minute original, released eight years ago, is about a dude named Alex who moves into a house and then freaks out when the house drips blood on him.

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Chris Singh

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