New Music Discoveries 5th April: total tommy, Little Quirks, IDA KUDO and more

total tommy

This week we have ten new tracks to our Discovery Playlist on Spotify and Apple Music. This week’s Track of the Week is “Losing Out”, the new single from rising Eora/Sydney-based artist, singer and songwriter total tommy.

total tommy dropped her debut single, “microdose” earlier in the year, and has followed it up with a track that is lush and infused with all the feels. It was written in the aftermath of a relationship breakdown, and is earnest, yet shows great restraint, adding to the emotional pull of the song. total tommy explains the background to “Losing Out”:

Someone I respected completely broke my trust and left me paralysed for a little while. I spent a lot of time going through the motions and feeling really thrashed about. I’d delayed writing about this time for a few months, but as soon as I started everything was super visceral and the lyrics formed in about fifteen minutes.”

Central Coast folk/rock trio Little Quirks are back with their new single, “Reverie”.  Comprised of sisters Abbey and Mia and their cousin Jaymi, the song tracks a long-distance relationship that didn’t quite manage to get beyond short-term status.  They roped in Abbey and Mia’s dad to film and edit the video clip. DIY for the win.

“Proud” is the new single from Danish/Japanese artist IDA KUDO, and the title track from her forthcoming EP which is due for release at the end of the month. The track draws inspiration from KUDO’s roots with Asian-inspired harps nestled alongside hip-hop elements. There’s also no shortage of energy or strength to the single, with KUDO delivering an empowering message to “stand up for yourself no matter what you’re struggling with” — something we all need reminding of every so often.

We’ve long been been fans of Melbourne’s Jess Locke, and this week she released “Rocket to Ride”. her grunge-infused take on protest song. Asking questions of inequality, highlighting environmental devastation and the preposterous nature of space travel, Jess has a neat turn of phrase: “You’ve been skimming all the cream off nicely”, doesn’t hold back.

Jess has some live shows coming up – Sunday April 7, Clarity Records 4pm, Adelaide, Sunday 14th April Buffalo Club, Fremantle 6pm, and Saturday May 4, Rocksteady Records, Melbourne, 3pm.

“Chasing Eldorado” is the third single from Swedish singer-songwriter Otis Kerp. The song came about after Kerp performed at a festival alongside some of Nashville’s finest songwriters, and sees Kerp balancing Scandinavian soul alongside americana and country storytelling, and features a wealth of top musicians from the americana and country scenes. It’s a beautiful track that’s delivered with such soul and warmth. And you can’t go wrong with a bit of pedal steel either!

Also added to the playlist this week we have the debut single from London-based international six piece outfit PARTICLS, “Other Sides”. The latest jangle rock single from Houston musician dwn bad, “So Loud for a Leaf”. And finally, there’s also “Be Okay, Be Lonely” the tender new single from Australian bedroom creator Catching Z’s. It’s an emotive slice of indie folk, replete with Bon Iver-esque vocals that really hit the spot.

We also had exclusive premieres from Andrea & Mud and Elestial.

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Here’s the complete list of new additions this week:

total tommy “Losing Out”
PARTICLS “Other Sides”
Little Quirks “Reverie”
IDA KUDO “Proud”
Jess Locke “Rocket to Ride”
Otis Kerp “Chasing Eldorado”
Catching Z’s “Be Okay, Be Lonely”
dwn bad “So Loud for a Leaf”
Andrea & Mud “Institutionalized” [Exclusive Single Premiere]
Elestial “World So Cruel” [Exclusive EP Premiere]

Header Image: total tommy – credit Andrea Veltom