Mortal Kombat Interview: Director Simon McQuoid and producer E. Bennett Walsh on honouring the game’s spirit

Mortal Kombat fans rejoice! The hotly anticipated (and fantastically violent) cinematic re-adaptation of the best-selling game has arrived in cinemas for all eager, and legal, eyes to see (you can read our review here).

In conjunction with the film’s release, Peter Gray caught up with its director, Simon McQuoid, and producer, E. Bennett Walsh, to discuss honouring the film’s legacy and the respect given to its cast’s heritage.

“(The studio) were always very much about embracing what Mortal Kombat is”, they said, as they promise some incredible “R-rated” action: “We were trying to take the action sequences to a new level”.

Watch the full interview here:

Mortal Kombat is screening in Australian theatres now.

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