Jennifer Lopez and Owen Wilson set a date in new Marry Me trailer

The last time Jennifer Lopez and Owen Wilson shared the screen it was some 24 years ago when they faced off against an oversized CGI snake in the cult hit Anaconda.  Now, they’re tackling a viper of a different kind in the first-released trailer of Marry Me; a cheating boyfriend.

Lopez, returning to her romantic comedy roots, and Colombian singer Maluma star as pop duo Kat Valdez and Bastian, two world famous musicians who are planning a live-streamed wedding on the latest leg of their tour.  And that would be all well and good if Bastian wasn’t playing around behind Kat’s back, leading the distraught pop star to spontaneously accept the “marriage proposal” of an audience member, Wilson’s Charlie, who is holding a “marry me” banner in the crowd.

It’s far-fetched, but this is romcom territory, and Lopez seldom stumbles in the genre so let’s all just embrace it and move on.

Based on the graphic novel of the same name, directed by She/Hulk‘s Kat Coiro, and featuring new original music by Lopez and Maluma, Marry Me is sure to feel the love when it releases in cinemas for the Valentine’s season.

Marry Me is set for an exclusive theatrical release from February 10th, 2022 from Universal Pictures.

Peter Gray

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