CicciaBella Trattoria is opening its second restaurant in Western Sydney

Restaurateur Maurice Terzini, best known for Icebergs and The Dolphin Hotel, is set to launch CicciaBella Trattoria + Bar’s second restaurant in the new Parramatta Square Precinct. 

Following in the footsteps of Bondi’s venue, CicciaBella Parramatta will encapsulate the spirit of robust Italian cuisine and hospitality. The restaurant will focus on classic food inspired by traditional recipes from cities in Italy. 

“Over the last three months I’ve worked really hard to maintain CicciaBella, a brand that is dear to my heart. It’s a true reflection of my childhood in Italy, bringing together an accumulation of all the Italian concepts I love. It gives me great pleasure to introduce CicciaBella as 100% Famiglia Terzini owned and operated and I look forward to serving you all”,  explains Terzini. 

The new precinct has been developed by Walker’s Corporation and is expected to bring a vibrancy of culinary culture and commerce. “Parramatta Square is an incredible exciting development, revitalising the city centre and creating a new culinary experience in Parramatta” says Terzini. 

CicciaBella Trattoria + Bar will open in September 2020. 

Danica Jones

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