Father’s Day Gift Guide 2021: From home cinema essentials to grooming greats and kitchen gadgets

For many Aussies this year, Father’s Day will be spent in lockdown. And while that’s unfortunate, there’s still plenty you can do to make your dad, or dad figure, feel like a billion bucks on Sunday 5th September.

If you’re in Sydney CBD, you should definitely be ordering up one of those Man Tea boxes for a primo dining experience on the day. But your main draw is always going to be the present that’ll last far beyond Father’s Day. Forget socks and a Bunnings voucher. Below you’ll find products we’ve picked across tech, health, home appliances, kitchen gear, grooming, and more to help you flood dad with gifts come Sunday.

The AU Review’s Last Minute Father’s Day Gift Guide

TV & Audio

Epson EH-LS300B Ultra-Short Throw Projector

Based on 3-chip LCD technology, the Epson EH-LS300B is an ultra-short projector that’ll give dad a 120-inch screen anywhere he damn well pleases (well, as long as the surface is clean and big enough). If dad is the type to sit in front of a large-screen TV all day, this will be a hard-left turn to give him a full-blown cinematic experience. For starts, it’s thousands of dollars cheaper than a 120-inch panel and more flexible. Plus, the 1080p screen is gorgeous, the Android TV is easy to navigate, and the set-up couldn’t be easier (it’s pretty much plug-and-play).

$3,999 | epson.com.au

Bose Smart Soundbar 300

If you’re going to go with the Epson projector above, or dad already has a decent big-sized TV planted in the lounge room, the next step to helping him build a home cinema is getting a good soundbar. Your TV speakers aren’t going to cut it if dad wants the full immersive cinematic experience. If you’re looking at the lower end of the price spectrum, there are a few $600 soundbars as reliable as the Bose Smart Soundbar 300 – spacious sound, easy connection with other Bose speakers, and both WiFi and Bluetooth connection so dad can stream music. Bump the price up a bit if you want to add a subwoofer and satellite speakers, but the soundbar itself is powerful enough that it doesn’t need them.

$600 | bose.com.au

JBL Bar 5.0 Multibeam

What’s life without options? Another brand holding strong when it comes to $600 soundbars is JBL with their latest – the Bar 5.0. Beautifully designed, the compact soundbar uses multibeam technology to try and recreate the higher-end Dolby Atmos experience, and it does a pretty decent job at it too. The low-end if fantastic, and those smaller details come through with great clarity, enough to fully suck dad into whatever show he’s been binging through lately. It’s one of the best soundbars money can buy right now.

Check out our review here.

$600 | jbl.com.au

Grado GW100 & GT220

Grado is one of the best-known names in the business when it comes to no-fuss, high-performance personal audio. Available in Australia through Addicted to Audio, the family-run New York-based audio company offers some of the better options out whether you’re looking for a new pair of wireless headphones or true wireless in-ear earphones that are high-end without breaking the bank. The GW100 headphones are some of the most solid, uncompromising options at this price point, and a similar sense of depth and richness has been applied to the GT220 true wireless earphones. Make you a choice as to what dad will prefer and go for gold; he won’t be disappointed.

$369 | addictedtoaudio.com.au
$365 | addictedtoaudio.com.au

JBL Charge 5

If dad’s looking for a portable speaker he can throw around the house with no issue, looking to the JBL Charge 5. The latest version of JBL’s most popular portable speaker is a finesse on its predecessor in every way, sporting a bigger battery capable of up to 20 hours of playtime, and an IP67 waterproof and dustproof rating. Sure, dad might not be out camping right now, but when the time comes he’ll be well equipped with a handy portable Bluetooth speaker that can really go the distance and withstand more than just a few scuffs.

$200 | jbl.com.au

Skullcandy Dime

If you’re looking for an affordable pair of in-ear earphones for Father’s Day this year, the Skullcandy Dime deserves some attention. The truly wireless in-ear earbuds offer a lot of bang for just $70, doubling down on the fitness-friendliness of it all by allowing dad to use just one earbud at once. Situational awareness is important when the old man is out getting his steps up, so at least this way he can keep one ear open for any unmasked joggers huffing and puffing behind him. Pair that up with 12 hours of battery life, and that’s some great value right there.

$70 | skullcandy.com.au

Sennheiser CX True Wireless

Sennheiser has long been recognised as one of the best audio brands in the world, and their collection of truly wireless earbuds is a testament to that. Although they play around in the higher-end with the likes of the Momentum 2 earbuds and the IE-300, they’ve paid just as much attention to the more budget-friendly side of the pool. The Sennheiser CX True Wireless just may be some of the best value earbuds we’ve seen to that, with that beautifully balanced Sennheiser sound slimmed down into a more affordable $200 pair.

$200 | sennheiser.com

JBL Clip 4

If dad wants a Bluetooth speaker that’s a bit more portable with a smaller format, get him the exceptionally well designed – and very affordable – JBL Clip 4. JBL’s Clip speakers are always handy for travellers, and when it’s safe to do, you know dad is going to be right out the door planning a camping trip with his mates. Help him take the tunes with him with this surprisingly rich-sounding and ultra waterproofed speaker that punches well above its weight (and price), and comes with an attached carabiner so it can be fixed to just about anything.

$90 | jbl.com.au


Dyson Supersonic

The Dyson Supersonic hair dryer is a revelation when it comes to grooming. You just know dad is sick of that lockdown fluff on his head. Help him feel a bit more himself by grabbing him the most high-end hair dryer on the market; one that utilises advanced technology to truly make a meaningful difference when it comes to heat control and self-care. Given hairdressers are still closed, he’ll love the fast and focused airflow from the Dyson Supersonic, which is specially engineered for perfect balance in hand and uses intelligent heat control to help prevent hair from extreme heat damage. Even if he’s thinning on top, he won’t have an issue using the Dyson Supersonic.

$599 | dyson.com.au

Appelles x Burly Father’s Day Packs

While dad might not be able to staycation in one of the many Australian luxury hotels that use Appelles, you can still bring the Australian-owned skincare brand to the home. Better yet, Appelles have this year teamed up with Burly to put together a few limited edition gift packs to pull some of that choice anxiety out from your last-minute browse. Go for the $140 He’s Got To Have It pack if you want the old man to feel like he just ducked out of his hotel room and dipped into a spa treatment. The pack features blackseed & tamanu Appelles Hair Duo, a 110g Appelles Konjac Sponge, a 100ml Burly Hair Creme, and 100ml Burly Hair Clay.

Various Prices | appelles.com

Hunter Lab Co. Skincare

Melbourne-based skincare brand Hunter Lab Co. knows men’s skin exceptionally well. In fact, even though the brand has been unisex for many years, it was founded on a desire to bring more attention to how essential skincare is for men. If dad wants to keep ageing gracefully, he’s going to have to pay better attention to his skincare routine, whether it’s established or, so far, non-existent. Either way, you’re going to be there to help him. Jump on Hunter Lab’s website because they have some of the best natural skin care products in the game, with various local botanicals used across charcoal cleaners, charcoal masks, the all-important SPF, lip balm, lipid oil, and most recently the super refreshing Marine Healing Essence. When that crow’s feet fly away, dad will be glad you introduced him to this brand.

Various Prices | hunterlab.com.au

Braun Series 9

If dad is looking to keep that chin in check, there are few grooming sets on the market as capable and efficient as the Braun Series 9 Wet & Dry Electric Shaver. It’s the latest in this incredibly successful series of foil shavers, dependable when it comes to giving a close and gentle shave with no compromise. The 5 shaving elements capture more hair in one stroke, represent a substantial leap over previous models and positioning the Series 9 as the quintessential key your dad’s grooming regime should be anchored by. If he’s got an older model and is in need of an upgrade, it would go far getting him something he’s going to be using on a daily basis.

$449 | shavershop.com.au

Braun Series 7

If the Series 9 is a bit out-of-budget for you, or if you’ve already locked into something else on this list but still want to get dad a primo grooming tool, look to the Braun Series 7. Now that the Series 9 is out and hogging all the attention, the 7 is more affordable and makes full use of Braun’s Autosense technology, which reads and adapts to the user’s beard density to remove more hairs with each stroke.

$224.50 | shavershop.com.au

IOU Haircut

Dad’s going to miss his barber when he gets out of lockdown. Mum mightn’t be the best, and you definitely aren’t (sorry if you are), so the next best thing right now is to hop online, find the best men’s hairdresser in town, and get a voucher for that glorious future post-lockdown fade. For Sydney, head to UNOIT. The modern barber-slash-beauty concept in Darlinghurst has got something called The Boss Experience, which will set you back $300 and give dad the full premium experience including a men’s haircut, deluxe cut-throat shave, mini facial, shampoo & hair-detox, scalp and neck massage in a lay-down siatsu lounge. And he’ll get a made-to-measure custom tailored shirt from Oscar Hunt. Seeing as a shirt from the iconic M2M menswear store will run you close to that anyway, you might as well go this route.



IOU Hotel Stay

Hotels may be a distant goal right now, but at least having a staycation to look forward to is going to go a long way to keeping dad grounded while he waits out lockdown. The folks at Ovolo Hotels have teamed up with MISTR to offer some very tempting gift cards dad can spend at any Ovolo property when it’s okay to do so. The first 100 people to purchase a Wonder gift card to use at Ovolo, valued at $300 or more, will receive a MISTR gift box delivered straight to dad’s door, valued at $150. Not only does dad get a card to spend on his new staycation at an Ovolo property, he gets a luxury grooming hamper with products from Grown Alchemist, Mihan Aromatics, and Jaxon Lane.

From $300 | ovolohotels.com

Kenwood Cooking Chef XL

Time-saving kitchen technology and induction cooking are only getting deeper, more precise, and more efficient as the years roll on. Kenwood is owning this in 2021 with the introduction of the Kenwood Cooking Chef XL. It builds upon their previous, impeccably built stand mixers to offer a comprehensive, one-stop shop for the time-poor chef. Features include induction cooking with the most accurate temperature range of any mixer, a smart connected app with hundreds of easy recipes, integrated EasyWeigh scales, a 4.3″ CookAssist screen, presets, stainless steel baking tools, and 25 optional attachments. It’s pretty much an automated kitchen by this point.

Check out our review here.

$1,895 | kenwoodworld.com.au

DeLonghi PrimaDonna Soul

If you want dad to have the latest, greatest, and most shockingly precise coffee machine on the market, you’re going straight for De’Longhi’s PrimaDonna Soul. There’s just no questioning this powerhouse, which is driven by a newly calibrated Automatic Bean Adapt Technology to ensure perfect extraction tailored to specific bean blends and toasting types set manually. The automated process is also boosted by smart technology, allowing him to control settings remotely with Wi-Fi, dialling in machine parameters, on-off control, recipe creation, and more. The large 4.3″ tough display also allows access to five different user-profiles and 21 different one-touch recipes like cappuccino, flat white, latter, and more. Yeah, De’Longhi isn’t playing around in 2021.

Check out our review here.

$1,999 | jbhifi.com.au

Phillips All-In-One Cooker XXL

With an 8L capacity chamber, the Philips All-In-One Cooker is an absolute essential for the dad who loves a whole lot of convenience and time-saving in the kitchen. If his trusty slow cooker has seen better days, swap it out for this beast of a performer, which comes with 20 pre-set cooking programs and superior heating with 1500W of power. Whether he wants to pressure cook, slow cook, saute, or sear, the old man is going to love automating some of his favourite meals. The super-smart cooker comes with over 60 recipes, a measuring cup, non-stick inner pot, stainless steel bowl, scoop, and spatula.

$349 | philips.com.au

Zega Digital

Zega has refined their walk-away cookware with improved SmartControl technology, offering dad a pot that does the cooking for him. All he needs to do is simply heat it for a few minutes, and use the intelligent lid to set it. She can then take it off the stove and have the pot do the cooking for her. An app will let her know when the cooking is done, and all she needed to do was thrown in the ingredients. Intelligent cookware is undoubtedly the trend in the kitchen nowadays, and Zega’s two latest products – the Zega Digital and Zega Analogue – perfect the technology for nutrient-dense, evenly cooked soups, stews, curries, and more. The Zega app has a few recipes too, showcasing just how versatile cooking can be when you marry technology with very specific, quality construction.

Check out our review here.

$199 | zega.com.au

Traeger Grills 575 Pro Wi-Fi BBQ

Dad is never going to say no to a modern BBQ grill, especially one such as beastly and highly capable as a Traeger Grills Pro Series. The Wi-Fi-enabled BBQ is one of the best and most diverse grills any steak slapper could ask for, pushing the limit of modern grilling technologies to give dad something he’ll be using for many years to come. Plus, it’s not like this isn’t a gift that’ll keep on giving. Choose from the Pro 575 or the more expensive Pro 780, the old man will love either one.

From $1,599 | traeger.com

TRUFF Hot Sauce

Hot sauce and truffles, what could go wrong? If you’ve made a wise choice and gone with the above grill, you’re going to need some sauces to go with all that delicious meat. Hot sauce is always the order here, and TRUFF Hot Sauce brings in something unique and different to the plate. It’s pretty much as it sounds: truffle-infused hot sauce, available in three different varieties – white truffle hot, black truffle hot, and black truffle hotter. You’re best off going for the $100 variety pack, which gives dad all three.

$100 | truffhotsauce.com.au

Australia: The Cookbook

You’ll never go astray when picking up a top-quality cookbook for the dad who loves to cook. It’s a reliable gift by any measure, even more so when you’ve got one as brilliantly conceived and designed as Phaidon’s new Australia: The Cookbook. The celebration of Australian cuisine spans 350 recipes designed to showcase the breadth and depth of this country and the people who inhabit it. Insightful content such as an essay on Indigenous Australian native bushfood, by Jody Orcher, a Ularai Barkandji woman from Brewarrina, is also included, continuing the trend of Phaidon cookbooks being much, much more than just a collection of recipes.

$65 | phaidon

Fäviken: 4015 Days, Beginning to End by Magnus Nilsson

A high-concept coffee table book that’s absolutely perfect for those that appreciate deep insights into food culture. Fäviken: 4015 Days, Beginning to End is a top-tier chef’s fascinating and insightful tribute to his unique restaurant in remote Sweden. A restaurant that no longer exists, but one that has made an indelible impact on the culinary world. This gorgeously illustrated book tells of how the unlikely restaurant rose from obscurity to become a world-class destination, and why it eventually closed down. You wouldn’t expect it, but everything from creative theory to family is discussed, alongside over 100 recipes from Magnus’ time at Fäviken. No one who fancies themselves a foodie should be caught without this sitting on their coffee table.

$90 | phaidon.com

The Latin American Cookbook

Virgilio Martinez has pulled together 600 exceptionally illustrated and insightful recipes to build a one-stop compendium of Latin American culture and cuisine. Regionality is highlighted throughout, making this as much a history book as it is an incredibly thoughtful, inspired cooking book that’ll keep dad busy for a very long time. The Peruvian celebrity chef curates like a king, dives deep into each region’s distinctive food culture, and deftly explains culinary delicacies and local ingredients. If dad has been looking to really explore one culture and master its culinary heritage, this book will go very far. Note that you’ll need to give dad a bit of an IOU here – the book isn’t out yet, but you can pre-order it before it ships on October 15th.

$65 | phaidon.com


Under Armour HOVR Phantom 2 IntelliKnit Running Shoes

Dad trying to get those K’s up while in lockdown? If his old running shoes are a bit too worn, or he needs something a bit more advanced, grab a pair of the new UA HOVR Phantom 2 InelliKnit Running Shoes. Coming from Under Armour, the iconic performance-forward kicks are a more breathable and advanced version of the brand’s already super popular UA HOVR Phantom 2’s. Wrapped in light, breathable UA IntelliKnit, the shoes are quick-drying, stretchy, and mapped to move with dad’s feet so he can go all Usain Bolt around the block knowing the energy return and impact protection will be pristine.

$220 | underarmour.com.au

ECCO’s Winter Colour Pop Range

If dad fancies himself a bit young at heart, you can always rely on a fresh pair of kicks to get his heart beating on dad day. Hit up ECCO and mine their latest winter styles so dad can have a bit of fun playing around with his outfit. There’s plenty to mix and match here, with the focus on super colourful designs with hues like pink, green, and blue used to dramatic effect. If dad’s dress code could use a little flair, this is the easiest way to push him in the right direction. Plus, if the playful designs aren’t right for dad, ECCO has plenty of other incredibly stylish and comfortable sneakers to pick from.

Various Prices | au.ecco.com

STM Myth Backpack

An affordable, stylish backpack is one of those gifts no one ever asks for, but they’re always glad when they come around. A backpack is one of those things we take on our daily commute (they’ll exist again one day, okay) and almost never take care of. Despite the wear and tear, we never really think about replacing them. Do dad a favour and switch out that worn-out pack for the STM Myth Backpack. The well-designed, straightforward, and feature-rich 28L backpack is available in 4 different colours and fits most 15-inch laptops (and even a 16-inch Macbook Pro). Impact protection and superior weight distribution highlight a company that really knows how to balance price and quality for effortless carry solutions.

$160 | stmgoods.com.au

Thermos Carry

Thermos is much more than just something you carry hot coffee in on your way to work. And while dad could definitely use one of those whenever office work is a thing again, it pays to look through Thermos’ other carry solutions. Let him take the $99 Big Boss Food Jar for a spin; it’s got a 1.39L capacity and includes two BPA-free, microwave, and dishwasher safe containers inside a durable stainless steel Thermos for maximum temperature regulation. If dad wants to keep food evenly hot all day while on the commute, or on the road, he’ll love you for this. Or maybe you want to prep him for when he can host outdoor BBQ’s again; the $90 18-can capacity Thermos Trailsman Can Cooler is a 500D polyester bag with an included metal bottle opener and closed-cell 25mm foam insulation. The premium design will pretty much do away with the need for an eski on those days when just a few cans will do.

From $90 | kitchenwarehouse.com.au

Tech & Smart Home Essentials

Nest Home Security

Google have entered into their new generation for their incredibly efficient and feature-rich smart Nest cameras and doorbells. Edging into wire-free designs, the new range includes the battery-powered Google Nest Cam, the battery-powered Google Nest Doorbell, the second-generation wired Google Nest Cam – the most affordable Nest cam to date – and the Google Nest Cam with Floodlight. Yeah, Nest took its time catching up with some of the competitors here, but it’s clear they’ve been refining the technology to perfection, for the first time, now offer Nest cams that can detect four kinds of objects – people, animals, vehicles, packages – and run on 2x more pixels at a 2x higher frame rate. If dad has been thinking of stepping up his home security, now is your chance to help out with a seamless, clear 24/7 live feed that’s fully integrated with the Google Home app.

From $169 | store.google.com

Ring Home Security

Not in the Google ecosystem? If Alexa is already beaming around your house, you’d be glad to know Ring has a few new pieces of their growing home security tech ecosystem. Ring has become renowned for clarity and ease of use, so if dad’s been in protective mode lately, it’ll pay to mine Ring’s current stash. This includes the Ring Stick Up Cam, the new Video Doorbell 4, the battery-powered Ring Spotlight Cam, and the wired Video Doorbell with Chime. It’ll all help the home run much smoother. Even if dad isn’t already deep into the home automation game, this is a good place to start. Plus, some of the devices are currently 20% off for Father’s Day.

From $100 | ring.com

Nanoleaf Shapes Hexagon Starter Kit

Is dad a bit of a design lover? Smart home lighting has gone through all kinds of evolutions over the past few years, but few steps have been as fascinating as Nanoleaf. Flexible, colourful, and incredibly smart, the Hexagon Start Kit provides 9 light-up tiles that dad can arrange in any pattern he likes, giving any room a huge boost in personality. The starter kit lets him create any panel design he pleases, and then control it either via an app or with a voice assistant. Plus, there’s a bit of a sale going on at JB at the moment so you can currently get it less.

$249 | jbhifi.com.au

WD_Black P50 SSD Game Drive

The next generation of consoles has arrived with the PS5 and Xbox Series X. But the thrill of new hardware wears off fast once storage fills up in the blink of an eye. Enter the WD_Black P50 SSD Game Drive, the answer to all storage shortages, whether that’s the Xbox Series X, PlayStation 5 or a high-end gaming PC. These bad boys come in 500GB, 1TB and 2TB varieties and run off USB 3.2 Gen 2×2 tech with a transfer speed of up to a whopping 20GB/s. There’s no messing around to get it working either – just plug it in, let your system format it, and it’s ready to go. Users can download games directly to the drive or can transfer their favs and saved data off of the console for safekeeping.

From $209 | officeworks.com.au


Koala Soul Mate Mattress

Koala’s mattress-in-a-box products have been front and centre in the industry for many years now, revolutionising the way we sleep and adding more than a few layers of convenience to the whole process. Over the years, these mattresses have been refined with various technologies and constantly evolved towards perfection. The Soul Mate is the latest evolution in that relentless pursuit of quality, making it one of the most high-end mattresses we’ve ever come across. What do you get for the price? A complete redefinition of what sleep feels like, with all the learnings Koala has built over the years unleashed with various meaningful features and immaculate design.

$2,700 | koala.com

Koala Modern Sofa

Koala may be best known for their popular mattress-in-a-box, but you’d be mistaken for thinking they’re all about the bedroom. The Australian brand offers a range of living room essentials like armchairs and sofas that sport the same soft colour palette and gentle design. The FSC and CertiPUR-US certified sofas come in a range of landscape-inspired hues and speak strongly to the brand’s ability to nail modern aesthetics and offer well-made, neutral furniture that’d look good in any contemporary home. The Koala Modern Sofa would be our top pick, with options ranging from the $1,450 3-seater through to the $2,700 4-seater + corner.

Check out our review here.

From $1,450 | koala.com


Few smart home tech has come as far as those stealthy little robot vacuums that patrol all types of surfaces and pick up our filth. If you really want to remind dad that technology is goddamn gorgeous, hit up Evovacs for their Deebot Ozmo T8+. With an auto-empty station included in the price, this intelligent robot is the first from the company to make use of cutting-edge TrueDetect 3D technology, eliminating any issue when it comes to navigating even the most complex of rooms. While avoiding obstacles, the robot uses laser-based mapping and navigation technology to mop and vacuum like a pro. Dad will feel mighty proud of himself (and you) for scratching this chore off the list forever.

We’re currently giving away a Deebot Ozmo T8+. To enter our competition click here

$1,299 | amazon.com.au

Close Comfort’s Cool Focus

It hurts to say it, but 2021 is almost over. Yeah, we haven’t been able to do much with this whole pandemic going on, but at least the weather is picking up. While we’re moving into spring and summer, dad is going to need something to keep cool. Using the traditional air-con is going to chew up a lot of energy, so get him something he can use just for himself, that can run on very low power or even some batteries. Such is the importance of a personal, portable air conditioner nowadays. That’s what Cool Focus is, coming from Close Comfort with a forward-thinking design that’s both fascinating and incredibly effective. Expelling hot air from the back and shooting genuinely cool air forward is how this nifty little device works, and dad is going to love it come summer.

Check out our review here.

$699 | closecomfort.com

Health & Wellness


Hydragun has entered as a new player on the growing market for percussive massage guns, and it’s one of the most affordable premium options out there. With six different speeds and six different attachment heads, the potential is great for those who need a portable deep-tissue massage and workout recovery tool that’s also able to improve circulation and help relieve stress before sleep.

We’re giving away a Hydragun to one lucky reader for Father’s Day. To enter click here.

$399 | hydragun.com.au

Peloton Bike & Bike+

Peloton (finally) launched in Australia earlier this year, and with it a whole new evolution in the home exercise. If dad is getting sick of his boring old boomer e-bike, kit him out with Peloton’s incredibly advanced, modern Bike (or the high-end Bike+). With gyms closed for the foreseeable future, this is the best way for dad to bring those motivating curated spin classes to the gym room. Through the screen, he has access to an expansive library of content of live and on-demand classes. Just grab him the bike and then fling him a few months of the all-access membership and he will be well on his way to shredding this lockdown calories.

From $2,295 | onepeloton.com.au

Suunto 7 Titanium

If dad wants a smartwatch that can take an absolute beating, get him the Suunto 7 Titanium. The feature-packed watch is a genuine saviour for the dad who is trying to balance an active fitness routine with a busy lifestyle, presenting one of Suunto’s most impressive wearables to date with over 70 sport modes and the incredibly rich and responsive Google Wear OS. Couple that with new tiles for tracking sleep duration and stages, managing body resources, and real-time access to heart rate feedback – all features which are profoundly important in a year that has been high-stress for just about everyone. Make sure dad is keeping on top of his body with this all-rounder.

$699 | theiconic.com.au

Withings Scanwatch

Most people know how far wearable tech has come, with the ability to identify potential issues, track sleep, and encourage action. The Withings ScanWatch is possibly the most comprehensive on the market, with a variety of sensors to scan vital parameters to detect heart health conditions and help improve overall fitness. An Sp02 sensor can give you comprehensive blood oxygen reading within seconds; the sleep tracking is second to none and even features a professionally calibrated algorithm to monitor oxygen saturation, breathing frequency, and movement throughout the stages of sleep to identify possible issues like sleep apnea. Then you’ve got the typical fitness tracking features like a 3-axis accelerometer and 10 years of algorithm improvements, plus activity detection and a built-in GPS. It’s Withings’ most impressive product to date and now comes in a Rose Gold edition which looks even more attractive on the wrist. Serious presence, serious smarts.

Read our review here

$499 | jbhifi.com.au

Design & Creativity

Cricut Maker Value Pack

If dad has picked up his DIY projects a bit more, getting him the increasingly popular Cricut Maker is going to go down very well on Father’s Day. The unique smart cutting machine can give a substantial boost to any design project, making everything much easier to put together from a range of materials. Dad can cut, draw, score, engrave or deboss his design projects on a huge range of materials using smart technology and a connected device. Plus, there’s now a value pack that comes with just some of the many tools available to help cut, score, write, and add other decorative effects. You never know – it could birth a side-hustle and end up paying for itself.

$498 | officeworks.com.au

Nikon Z fc

Don’t let dad’s photography skills fade away while he’s trying to thrive in lockdown. If he fancies himself a bit of a photographer, not being on the road and capturing epic shots may have him feeling a bit down. Cheer him up with a nice piece of kit, Nikon’s incredibly impressive Z fc. The new entry into Nikon’s acclaimed Z Series Mirrorless range is designed with premium materials and inspired by the vintage FM2, modernising history with the latest technologies and a feature-rich suite that’ll have dad busy for weeks on end. And of course, he’s going to be fussy on how it looks, so there’s a huge range of colours for the customisable leather texture materials, letting you choose from black, white, sand beige, amber brown, natural grey, coral pink, and mint green.

$1,998 | nikon.com.au

Where Architects Sleep: The Most Stylish Hotels In The World

If dad is a hotel fanatic – and let’s face it, who isn’t? – then his new favourite coffee table book is Where Architects Sleep by Phaidon. Across 528 pages, the brilliant minds of over 250 of the world’s leading architects are expressed as they all share insider tips on where to stay, from renowned destinations and undiscovered gems. That’s 1,200 listings across 100 countries. Once he starts travelling again, he’ll know exactly where to go for that unparalleled cross-section where design, hospitality, and wellness intersect.

$23 | phaidon.com

Bird: Exploring The Winged World

Yeah we know this one is super niche, but on the occasion that your dad is an avid bird lover, you’ll be pleased to know Phaidon has just released an absolute monster tome surveying the avian kingdom. Put together by Phaidon’s editors, the 352-page piece is the perfect coffee table book and features an insightful examination of birdlife in collaboration with artists, art historians, ornithologists, conservationists and photographers. The book is made up of works from 90 artists, 50 photographers, 15 illustrators, and 10 fashion designers, helping make this one of the most colourful and playful coffee table books you’re likely to find all year. You can currently pre-order it for shipping early October.

$79 | phaidon.com

Chris Singh

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