The AU Review’s official last-minute Father’s Day gift guide for 2023

We’re counting the days to Father’s Day and you’ve no doubt been thinking about what the old man could use this year. The AU Review presents its annual last minute dad day gift guide to help you cut through the noise and introduce a few ideas that we think would go down well on Sunday, 3rd September.

Whether that’s a new phone, a fancy new pizza oven or something as basic as some high-end hair products. These are gifts that we’ve selected ourselves, based on both things our team have gone hands-on with over the past year or general cool stuff we’ve found online.

A dad can have many different tastes. We aren’t going to make any assumptions when it comes to that, so there’s no particular theme to this gift guide (as per all our gift guides). Simply scroll through. We hope it’ll spark some ideas that’ll help you think bigger than just another pair of socks.

The AU Review’s Father’s Day Gift Guide 2023

Ooni Volt 12 Electric Pizza Oven
For The Dad Who Loves A Good Pizza Night

Does dad still love a good family BBQ? Maybe he’s been planning on getting his mates together for a long-overdue backyard session. Or maybe he just likes good food.

Any in any case, the new Ooni Volt 12 Electric Pizza Oven should be a no-brainer. Pizza ovens are all the rage these days, because they can reach much higher temperatures than standard ovens, hence they are able to produce these perfect, restaurant-quality pizzas with very minimal effort.

To date, most pizza ovens have used gas or charcoal as a source which means they have to be stored outside and take some effort to set up. Not the Ooni Volt 12. This is all electric, baby, and can heat up to 450°C in just 20 minutes.

Once a pizza is inside, it takes only 90 seconds to produce a Neapolitan-worthy pie. You can just imagine how much that’ll help dad lift his game when it comes to entertaining people at home. And this is one obsession you’re not going to get sick of.


Sunbeam Barista Max
For The Dad Who Can’t Get Enough Coffee

Sunbeam is one of the most reliable brands in the industry when it comes to home coffee machines. If dad is still working from home regularly, he’s going to need one to help him start the day his way. And for that, you’re actually going to need to think about a coffee machine that’s both affordable and produces a great cup of joe, consistently.

The new Sunbeam Barista Max Espresso Machine is just that. A petite, beautifully designed coffee machine that’ll get the job done with an integrated grinder, intelligent shot control technology with a larger group head size, and auto shot control that pours the right amount, at the right time.

It’ll end up saving him money in the long run, so a well-chosen coffee machine is not just a gift, it’s a financial plan.


Ninja Foodi Max XXXL Smart Duel Zone

An Air Fryer? In a gift guide? Surely not. Of course, you expected us to throw in at least some sort of air fryer for dad day. There’s a reason this highly capable, ferociously convenient kitchen appliance has been trending over the past few years. If dad wants the best, grab the Ninja Foodie Max which has dual baskets so he can cook up two different dishes at once. The buckets are also powered by smarts, with Ninja’s proprietary Foodie Smart Probe monitoring temperature and adjusting it to ensure ideal results.


Nanoleaf Elements Starter Kit 7-Pack
For Dad Who Is Always Decorating

Is Dad always thinking of new ways to bring some colour into the home? Nanoleaf is one of the most unique lighting solutions we’ve come across over the past few years, presenting smart lighting that can be configured in different shapes using these hexagonal panels that easily connect to one another.

Grab him this 7-panel starter kit and watch him go nuts with creativity as he creates his own lighting pattern that can be controlled using a smartphone app and can also be set up on the IFTTT network. Just be warned; he’ll probably want some extenders (that is, more panels) too.

You can either go for the RGB version or hook dad up with Nanoleaf Elements, which is a more sophisticated take on the product with woodgrain panels that glow with an arresting white light.


Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless 3
For The Dad Who Loves His Music

German company Sennheiser are true icons when it comes to music. You want dad to be hearing his tunes in the best way possible while also being able to block out external noise, whether it’s in the office or in the gym.

Luckily, the Sennheiser Momentum TW 3 earbuds are a no-brainer and an easy pick for any music fan who appreciates a well-balanced, finely tuned sound signature and beautiful design that holds well in the ears. With advanced features, a superstrong Bluetooth connection and smart adaptive noise cancelling, it’s going to be hard to keep up a conversation with dad when he’s always walking around with these plugged into his ears.


Oppo A98 5G
For The Dad Who Needs A New Phone

Oppo has long been known as one of the best Android manufacturers out. One of their latest premium offerings is the Oppo A98, a 5G-capable mid-tier smartphone that’s both an affordable gift and one that punches well above its own weight with super-fast charging, a huge 5,000 mAh battery and a gorgeous 6.72″ display.

Plus, Oppo has a very good reputation when it comes to smartphone photography, so if dad is looking for a new phone to take on the road and help him nail those shots, the A98 is a top pick.


ZAAG Powerstation Go
For The Dad Who Is Always On The Road

Is dad always on the road but always neglects the tools to get the job done. While it’s always important to think about the worst case scenario, it’s common for drivers these days to neglect having the necessary stuff on hand for when things go wrong.

That’s what makes this ZAAG Powerstation Go from Mophie such a neat device. It’s a modern portable battery designed to USB devices and vehicles, shipped with an air compressor to pump tires and a 8,1000 mAh battery that can act as a backup power source in emergencies.


Mophie 3-in-1 Travel Charger
For The Organised Dad

Is Dad an Apple user? Has he got a phone, Apple watch and some AirPods? The pain of having more devices is the multitude of clunky wires you have to deal with when it comes time to charge them all.

Not with Mophie’s brilliant wireless charging pad. With dedicated space for a phone, watch and earbuds, this one-stop-shop for all dad’s charging needs will help him keep things organised even when he’s travelling for business.


Audeze Maxwell Wireless Planar Magnetic Headphones
For The Dad Who Still Games

If dad is still a gamer at heart then a good pair of premium gaming headphones should be just what he needs to dip deeper into his hobby without disturbing anyone. These high-end Audeze Maxwell wireless headphones will do the trick, with two models – one optimised for Xbox and one for PlayStation.

These types of specialised gaming headphones hard to come by, especially when their as stylish as this. Do dad a favour and give him the gift of true spatial audio so he can perform better when he’s connected to the digital world.

$519 for Xbox
$499 for PlayStation

Wacom One
For The Creative Dad

There is now a plethora of devices out there pushed as creative pen display and tablet, yet if one really wants to express themselves then they are best served looking for one that specialises in such a function. Wacom is one company that has a solid reputation for producing these pro-grade displays that are beloved by artists and designers alike.

If dad has a creative streak he needs to get out, fetch him the super-premium Wacom One. The beautifully designed device has its own community of creators the old man can check in with, potentially leading him to a life-changing hobby that’ll pay dividends far beyond this Father’s Day.


Pulse Series 2 Electric Toothbrush
For The Dad Who Hates The Dentist

If there’s one thing a dentist always recommends, it’s flossing. Of course. But then you’ve also got a good electric toothbrush when it comes to really kicking plague to the curb. If dad has been having some concerns about his oral routine lately, a nice, affordable high-performance electric toothbrush should do the trick.

The Pulse Series 2 comes from Colgate and features smart coaching via an app so dad can really get his routine right without having to head off on another trip to that dreaded dentist chair.


Mr Smith Father’s Day Edit
For The Dad Who Cares About His Appearance

Some luxury hair products never go astray on Father’s Day. While, yes, another pair of socks is usually the popular gift when this day rolls around, aim for the opposite part of his body. Go straight for the head and help him maintain that slick hairstyle with Mr Smith’s birthday edit.

Mr Smith is known as one of the best premium skincare brands in Australia so the range of hair products is huge for guys, whether it’s a nice texture spray or a pomade.

Lenoxx Ceramic Hibachi Japanese Tabletop BBQ Grill
For The Dad Who Is Looking For New Ways To Cook

Oh the things you can find on Catch. The website, best known for cutting out the middle man and passing those savings onto customers, has a Father’s Day edit up right now and you can find some really neat stuff. Forget about Amazon for the moment; browse this edit and you’ll find stuff like this Lennoxx Ceramic hibachi grill.

It’s perfect for the dad who is always taking the reigns of the family BBQ. Not only is it portable and well-designed, but this grill is perfect to cook in and will help dad control those smokey flavours that make backyard BBQs so damn good.


Converse Unisex Chuck Taylor All Star Low Top Sneakers
For The Dad Who Is Still A Sneaker Head

While you’ll find hibachi grills on Catch, you’ll also find a lot of designer label fashion for less. If you’re on a budget but you still don’t want to compromise on quality, take a look at Catch’s Father’s Day edit when it comes to fashion.

I mean, these awesome Converse shoes for just $80? Sounds like a win to us. And if dad is still young a heart when it comes to his fashion choices, it’ll definitely be a win for him.


Hugo Boss Bottled Night for Men EDT Perfume
For The Dad Who Cares About Style

If dad is focused on another part of style that’s just as important as nice shoes and a good shirt, get him this Hugo Boss perfume from Catch. Given the price point, it makes for a great side-present if you couple the EDT with one of the above options.

Plus, Hugo Boss really went for gold here. Night For Men is a highly regarded designer perfume for men who want something easy and versatile to spritz on before date night or an office party.


Gilded Chaos Gin
For The Gin-Loving Dad

Dad more of a gin guy? You know how much gin enthusiasts love exploring different flavours and botanical profiles. The more interesting, the better. In which case, you’ll want to direct your attention towards Four Pillars’ sumptuous Gilded Chaos Gin. Produced in collaboration with the eccentric QT Hotels brand, this gin not only glows with flecks of gold but has an arresting palate of macadamia and cardamom for smoothness and elegance.


Lark Rebellion Single Malt Whisky
For The Dad Who Loves A Good Dram

Whisky will never get old for Father’s Day. There are very few gifts as reliable, so the only real creativity you can show is getting dad an expression he isn’t expecting. Yeah, it’ll always be nice gifting him a bottle of Symphony No.1 from the acclaimed Tassie distillery, but this year we’re feeling the Lark Rebellion Single Malt.

Chinotto casks have added a depth of flavour to this whisky that makes it just as good as a pair for dinner as it is for dessert. Sure, it’s a gift for him, but you’ll want some of that candied citrus profile swirling around your mouth as well.


Château Tanunda 100-Year-Old-Vines Shiraz
For The Dad Who Likes Those Big, Bold Wines

There’s nothing like a big, bold shiraz to end the night. Go for the top shelf and take a look at the excellent Château Tanunda 100-Year-Old-Vines Shiraz.

The full-bodied wine is made from vines ages between 100 and 165 years old, helping build a deep, complex character that’s truly expressive of the Barossa. If dad has as discerning palate, he’ll love this.


Innocent Bystander 2022 Gamay Noir
For The Dad Who Doesn’t Mind A Casual Wine Night

Okay, so you know you want to get dad a bottle of wine but at a more affordable price point. Or perhaps you want to get him a few bottles of the good stuff. In that case, look to Innocent Bystander. Based in the Yarra Valley, the vineyard has been in heavy rotation lately and has a range of deep, delectable reds that’ll go down well on dad day. We recommend the Gamay Noir.